Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Nixakliel on Many Issues


IMO the biggest beef w white Marxist-Leninists [& even ‘liberals’] is they generally try to spin our issues re: class vs race fit their own agenda(s) [IMO also related to their evangelizing atheism]. For the Marxist-Leninist class always trumps race, so the only legit analysis to Black exploitation & oppression is a class analysis.
One example of this is an article by socialist web-site WSWS re: the execution of Mike Brown by white killer cop Darren Wilson & the Ferguson uprising. The article literally managed to avoid mentioning that the victim Mike Brown was a Black teen, or that his killer cop was white, that Ferguson is 2/3s Black yet its police force is 94% white. The only clue of this was WSWS attack on Rev Al {the ‘snitch’} as a ‘race-pimp’ [that term was NOT explicitly said but IMO definitely implied]. Now of-course Revs Al & Jessie are easy targets from everyone from WSWS to FOX Noise to BAR, but to para-quote Rev ‘Snitch’ [uhm that’s Rev Al]- ‘It ain’t about Rev Al, it’s about Mike Brown & his family, & the people of Ferguson- Duhh!!! WSWS made the ridiculous claim that the only legit analysis Mike Brown’s execution was from a class perspective [yet technically one could argue that both Mike Brown & his white killer cop are in the same working-class].
White Marxist-Leninists have often had a ‘curious’ track record of ‘pimping’ yet ‘dissing’ the Black freedom struggle, & have definitely been adverse to the idea of Black Nationalism & Pan Africanism. From my research apparently the US’ communist party in the 1920s tried the infiltrate & hi-jack Marcus Garvey’s UNIA, & may have even effectively [though perhaps NOT directly] coordinated w J, Edgar Hoover re: Garvey’s persecution.

Bro Kwame’ Toure’ use to tell his white socialist ‘colleagues’ that Marx has NO monopoly on socialism & that Africans [& other indigenous cultures] were practicing forms of socialism long before anyone even heard of Marx. Marx was the main one to expound on socialist ‘theory’ [NOT necessarily practice] in the European context.
Also what white Marxist-Leninists seldom acknowledge is that Marx was NOT even from a working class back-ground. His family is related to the Rothchilds [yes those Rothchilds- both they & the Marxs were aristocratic German Jews] & Marx’s wife was from a British aristocratic family related to the Churchills [as in Winston]!

FYI: to WSWS & their Marxist-Leninist ilk- For rank & file Blacks in the N&S.Americas [especially in the US] the issues of race & class are almost inextricably intertwined. I can state at-least 2 examples where class analysis alone can is inadequate to explain certain activities of the white-working class / working-poor vis-à-vis Black folks.
1} Poor whites are mostly concentrated in the south & rural areas. Yet these areas are also the traditional strong-holds for the KKK & ‘Good Ole boy’ Fox Noise type Repugs & prior to Tricky Dick’s ‘Southern Strategy’ the strong-hold for Dixie-crats. These racist poly-tricksters have consistently gotten most poor southern rural whites & even many / most urban working-class whites to ultimately ACT AGAINST What’s Ultimately in Their OWN Best Interests by “Playing the ‘Racist-card’ “/ ‘Race-Baiting’!

– 2 [in fact a prelude to pnt 1} During the pre civil war era- } The fact that barely 30% [or less] of southerners were actually slave-owners, IMO speaks volumes about most southern working class whites’ mentality re: racism vs Black slaves & the influence of the racist southern slave culture. Economically most southerners had little real class interest in fighting the Civil War for Southern aristocrat slave-owners. Most working-class southern whites were foot-soldiers / cannon-fodder in the Civil War, while most affluent southern slave-owners were their officer-commanders. But you can’t fight a war w all generals & NO foot-soldiers- so had southern working-class whites refused to fight- Jefferson Davis, Robert E.Lee & their ilk would most likely been unable to start the civil-war in their failed attempt to secede due to their insistence on expanding slavery into the newly gangstered [from Mexico] SW territories [now the SW quadrant of the US]; rather they would likely have been forced to compromise on this issue. Yet +250,000 to +300,000 mostly dirt-poor white southerners were willing to [& did] die [w far more seriously maimed for life] fighting the Civil War for the Confederacy- effectively in a failed attempt to expand slavery beyond the traditional boundaries of the ‘Old South’- yet barely 1/4 of them even owned slaves.
IMO white Marist Leninists can NEVER fully explain these 2 persistent facts re: how poor / working-class whites have often been manipulated to act against their own best [class] interests, via race-baiting / ‘Playing the Racist-card’- using class analysis alone. Only if one includes a racial analysis [racist attitudes of so many poor & working class whites & a sense ‘racial solidarity’ w white Elites vs working –class / working poor Blacks] can this even be explained.

-Brother Nixakliel


RE: The ‘NOT So Secret Relations between Black & [Caucasian] Arabs’ [spinning from Min Farrakhan’s book ‘The Secret Relations between Blacks & Jews’]: First of all: Who were / are the original Arabs- were they Caucasians [similarly w the original Hebrews]?. IMO NO they were NOT! They originally were Afro-Asiatic people. So where did the folks we now think of Arabs come from- IMO from the 620+ yr reign [circa 1300 immediately after the Crusades up to the 1920s] of the Ottoman Turks over the Levant, Mesopotamia, Arabia & N.AFRICA. Thus the Arab slave trade was mainly an internal trade within these Ottoman Turk controlled regions. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire / Caliphate, Anglo-American geo-political strategists started calling these regions by the nebulous term ‘Mid-East’ [now stretches from all of Saharan region of Africa all the way to Iran & now even Af-Pak].
This recent UK-US NATO war on Libya exposed how certain hard-core Arab elements [even within Africa] hates Africans & Black Libyans too. At-least one main Al-CIAeda linked NTC militia group that ethnically cleansed the Black Libyan town of Twerga was called the ‘Brigade to Eliminate Black-Skinned Slaves’! That racist NTC Lynch mob was allowed to lynch, abuse & persecute African migrants & along w Black Libyans w near impunity! Whlie Obama, Sue Rice, Hillary [I Came, I Saw, He Died Ha, ha, ha] Clinton- & even DN! [& also TRNN] went deaf, dumb & blind on this issue!

While DN! Was hyping the so-called ‘unity of struggle’ between Gaza & Ferguson, I noticed that most of Ferguson’s merchant class were Arabs. This theme has been repeated NOT just in Black communities across the US, but also in Africa. Arabs have replaced Jewish merchants vis-a-vis Blacks in the US, while Arabs merchants have a 100+ history of ‘pimping’ Africa for Big Buck$$$- while dissing Africans in the process in their own lands [like many Arab merchants diss US Blacks on our turf]. Arab merchants both in the US & Africa have NO qualms w selling our people shit-loads of pork & alcohol- even though they’re strictly forbidden by Islamic dietary law. Maybe they think it’s A-OK cause most US Blacks aren’t Muslims – IMO it’s really a case of the Profit$$$ principle superseding The ‘Prophet’s [PBUH]’ Principles! And let’s not forget that many Arab men have NO qualms w messing over the sisters [both in the US & Africa]- yet one is hard pressed to even see young Arab women in Arab run stores in Black areas- whether in the US or Africa.

RE: the Gaza Issue: IMO an issue that seldom discussed [besides the really dumb ‘shoot yourself in the foot’ tactics KHamas uses] let alone analyzed- is that the Israeli blockade of Gaza is only effective because of Egypt’s duplicity. Egypt won’t even open the Gaza / Sinai border crossing when the IDF bombards Gaza. Then there’s Abbass’ PA duplicity w the Likudniks vis-à-vis KHamas & Gaza. And let’s not forget that Jordan’s King Hussein cut a secret deal w Israel immediately after the 1967 6-Day War- which explains why he refused to join the 1973 Yom Kippur War [even though the IDF was on the ropes hanging on for dear-life]. And old man Hussein unleashed a ruthlessly bloody onslaught against the PLO [= Palestinians] in Jordan circa 1970.

-Brother Nixakliel


TRNN is doing a Series on a long term study [nearly 30 yrs] in Baltimore by a Prof a John Hopkins U. ‘ironically named Prof K.Alexander- the TRNN series is named ‘ “The Long Shadow”: Race, Class and Privilege in Baltimore ‘ [@ http://therealnews.com/t2/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=31&Itemid=74&jumival=12635 ]. This study followed a [large?] number of kids from various race & class backgrounds from grade-school till age 28.
Pt 2 of the series showed how even though poor-working class white male youth drop-out of hi-school quicker on average than Black men & women & white women- yet have had [at-least up-till the economic crash of 2007 – 08] a clear path for ‘gainful employment via the trade skills. 45% White men HS dropouts find such jobs by age 28 vs just 15% of their Black male ‘peers’. Even more telling those Black men earn just HALF [= 1/2 = 50%] of what their white male ‘peers’ make even though the whites on aver drop-out at-least a full yr or more earlier than Black male youth do. Over all 80% of white male dropouts are working by age 22 vs just 40% of their Black male ‘peers’. It ends by saying Black male dropouts are 9Xs more likely to ‘officially get ‘branded’ [for life] as criminals than their ‘fellow’ white male dropouts.

Pt-3 talked about drug legal disparities between races. Prof Alexander confirmed yet again that on aver white abuse drug [both illegal & ‘legal’] more often than Blacks do. But of course its ‘Home-boy’ & ‘Julio’ that winds up in jail. In fact except for crack, where the racial differences in are less than most are lead to believe [despite the ‘hype’- 3.5% of whites vs 5% of Black abuse crack] & heroin where the abuse rates for Blacks = that of whites- Whites abuse every other type of drug [both illegal & ‘legal’] at significantly higher rates than Blacks do [often much higher]. Yet the average US incarceration rates for drug beefs are 10Xs higher for Blacks than for whites [even though according to the FBI 2.3Xs more whites are arrested for drug beefs than Blacks]. IE: If the all thing in the US Criminalized {in}Justice system were indeed equal there’d be 3.5Xs more whites locked up for crack than Blacks [cause white out-number blacks 5 to 1]- Yet it’s exactly the opposite #.5Xs more Blacks are locked up for crack beefs than are whites!
In fact apparently no-where in the US is their anything close to parity, let alone where white drug incarceration rates exceed that of Blacks- the closest to ‘parity’ is in the state of MO where the rate is 2.7Xs more for Blacks than for whites. IMO even more telling is this 3 to 1 / 10 to 1 disparity holds true even in states where Blacks are barely 1% of the population IE: HI, UT, N&S.Dakota, NH, etc. In IL this disparity is a whopping 23.6 to 1 [& that’s not even the worse- more on that below]. Being born & raised in Chicago & having gone to college w mainly white folks in Chicago, I personally KNOW damn well that whites do PLENTY of DOPE! Then decades later I’ve again personally SEEN whites [IE: lone white girls in Toyota & Subaru station-wagons] drive in from Chicago’s western suburbs to Chicago’s West-Side & ‘COP’ their ‘Fix’ from ‘Homeboy’ [Note: the only time I’ve seen junkies shooting up ‘H’ & smoking crack was 2 white junkies on 2 different occasions on the same West-side ‘El’ train platform]. This fact was later confirmed by News ‘exposes 4.5 yrs later. My Point: I KNOW for a fact that whites [certainly in & around Chicago] do PLENTY of Dope- there’s NO WAY in HELL Blacks are doing & selling 23.5Xs more dope than whites in IL!

But for ‘liberal-blue’ WI [just north of Chicago] this racial disparity is actually nearly 2Xs WORSE than for IL IE: an incredible 42.5Xs to 1 – even though Blacks make up barely 6% of Wi’s population [mainly concentrated in Milwaukee & Madison] vs 83% – 85% for whites. If you crunch the numbers that means there’s a total of 3.5Xs more Black locked up for drugs beefs in WI than the total number for whites [= about 3/4 of those locked up in Wi for drug beefs are Black vs less than 1/4 are white]. So obviously Wi cops must only be doing drug stake-outs & drug busts almost entirely in Black [& Brown] neighborhoods in Milwaukee & Madison! And obviously college campuses [& suburbs too] where whites Do & Sell PLENTY of Drugs even right out in the open, are basically ‘protected zones’ vis-a-vis.Drug task-forces!

Thus the phony ‘War on Drugs & Crime’ [how often has the CIA & Wall St Banksters been implicated in drug trafficking BIG TIME- from before the Vietnam era up thru the on-going Afghan invasion], is essentially open yet another front on the US’ on-going War on Black people. It has devastated the brotherhood & thus effectively left too many sisters & children alone, impoverished & unprotected- which IMO must have been the whole point!!! And the advent of Obama & AG Holder has NOT been an improvement- they’ve carried out the same basic policies

-Brother Nixakliel

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