Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We will Stand Up and Fight for Justice

We won’t be silent. For a long time, tons of individuals already know that many police officers are involved in dances, some are involved in certain community endeavors, some take care of their families, and they are human beings. We are told that all of the time even when we’re kids. The overarching point is that the police institution as a whole must clean up its house. Its house is filled with corruption and injustice. The Blue Wall of Silence must end. When hundreds of people have been killed by the police during this year alone, when many police officers murder unarmed human beings with impunity, and when token “reforms” come about (which doesn’t solve the problem and it certainly doesn’t solve poverty or dilapidated housing), then we know what time it is. We have an emergency in American society. We see cops getting away with killing 2 black people in Cleveland. Not one police officer has been charged after a cop killed Tamir Rice. Brothers and Sisters have been unjustly executed in our streets by the police and that's wrong. This situation has been caused not only by decades of deindustrialization or economic oppression. Oppression in our community has also been caused by the structurally oppressive system that has harmed black people for centuries. That’s a fact. Fascistic police violence should never be sanitized or minimized at all. History teachers us that someone being a lover of the status quo will not work. We must abhor injustice, unify, we must mobilize, we have to organize (in independent social, political, and economic organizations), and we will always fight for the rights of our people. As many have talked about, pan-African unity is a necessity. Afro-Brazilians, Africans, Afro-Latinos, African Americans, Afro-French, Afro-British, etc. are one black people. We can only be free by our own power and by our own strength.

The concept of American exceptionalism is nothing more than a slick term for U.S. imperialism. History teaches everybody about how not to conduct foreign affairs. Yet, the oligarchy doesn't care about history, cultures, or oppressed peoples internationally. They only care about getting power for their own selves while ignoring the aspirations of the masses of the people. The Vietnam War was a total disaster. U.S. forces supported South Vietnamese dictators when even dissident Buddhists groups opposed the tyranny of Diem, General Ky, and other reactionaries. Back then, the anti-war movement (with organizations like SNCC, the SDS, MOBE, CALCAV, etc.) stood up for justice and made the excellent point that human rights weren't advanced during the Vietnam War. The U.S. military industrial complex overtly violates national and international laws while they seek an Utopian vision of a global Western hegemony. Also, many European nations have been involved in horrendously bad imperialist policies then and now. Many African and Asian nations exist now as a product their courageous resistance against European colonialism. For example, Patrice Lumumba fought for freedom and liberty. We have to be honest with reality and enact real solutions if we are to be free.  It was many U.S. corporate people (from IBM, Ford, and you name it) who financially aided Nazi Germany and apartheid South Africa. America's real history of conquest, theft, and oppression has been suppressed in many quarters of the educational system. If the true history of America was shown to the masses of the people, more folks would wake up. It is hypocritical for white racists (who believe in the lie of American exceptionalism and love the Iraqi occupation, which has caused more strife among Sunnis, Shias, and Sunnis) to lecture people on democracy when America was founded on blatant oppression. Anytime black people express real, accurate arguments about the conditions in the world, we're slandered as "race-baiters" and "extremists." Yet, we want a future where misogyny, racism, classism, xenophobia, and other evils are ended in the world. We want the corrupt system to end (which is about the system of white supremacy), so a real system of justice can be constructed in the world.

This issue is very important. The suffering of black women has been readily ignored in America. It is a shame that black women in Baltimore and throughout the world suffer racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression. Certainly, enough is enough. A lot of strong, courageous black women have been leaders in the Black Lives Matters movement; therefore, all genders need equality and justice without exception. This struggle for liberation deals also with promoting equal pay, fighting against police terror, and causing revolutionary change internationally. Taya Graham and Megan Sherman have done an excellent to outline their voices and to show the world that the human dignity and human rights of black women should always be respected. We will always remember what happened to MOVE in 1985. The Brothers and the Sisters of MOVE suffered overt police terrorism. Many people have been killed by the police in Philadelphia, but the message of revolutionary change live on in us in perpetuity. The struggle continues and even more people are active in standing up against tyranny. It is a fact that the mainstream media and other areas of society readily ignore the plight of black women. They ignore black women being murdered by the police. Black women are being killed by the cops not only black men. The life of black people, regardless of gender, has equal value. The topless women protesting police terrorism against black women (I heard of this story days ago) are certainly courageous in making the point that the human dignity of black women is sacrosanct and should never be degraded. So, the #SayHerName campaign and so many other campaigns make this point clear. Also, some who claim to be “conscious” like Tommy Sotomayor and others make it their duty to degrade black women in the most evil, perverse way possible. Therefore, in order for all black people to be liberated, then we have to condemn and eradicate not only racism, but misogyny too. We should never forget the names of Rekia Boyd, Miriam Carey, Shelly Frey, Aiyana Jones, and other Sisters who were killed by the police. Their stories are our stories. When one black person suffers injustice or is murdered unjustly, then we all suffer. We are all in this today. Unity among black males and black females in standing up against injustice is a necessity without question. We should not only learn have further connections with black people internationally. We should not only improve our educational learning about the world. We should not only develop our infrastructure. We need to help our people in America too. Poverty in the black community must be addressed (as income inequality has massively risen for the past three decades) if we are to be free. Poverty and economic oppression are serious problems that we must address as a people and as a community. The poor in our community deserve real economic rights and economic justice. Many African women have bare their chests in protests in numerous nations as well. The women protesting are not trying to placate others’ expectations. They are expressing their right to stand up for their human autonomy. That point is a great point to show. So, the article certainly can make all of us think that about how this battle isn’t about just us. It is about all black people worldwide. We want all black males and all black females to be free and liberated as human beings. At the end of the day, we are all in this together.

They throw us a bone and then expect us to take it. That bone doesn't eliminate 400 years of oppression. The more I research the real history of the police, the angrier I feel about the system today. The police institution works for the oligarchy for centuries. They have brutalized black people (from their slave patrols to them using tear gas on peaceful protesters in 2015), workers, and other people in America including throughout the world. The police can readily kill people at will and will never be convicted at all except in rare instances. When even the DOJ documented massive racism and corruption in the Cleveland Police Department, it shows how much of epidemic police terrorism is. The settlement doesn't jail or really hold accountable Cleveland police officers who participate or cover up injustices. We have seen reform throughout human history. It doesn't work comprehensively. We always see how some in the mainstream media obsess with property when human life has more value than property. There must be an addressing of chronic unemployment, suffering schools, lax housing, and economic oppression by the oligarchy. Only revolutionary change will work. The U.S. establishment shield killer ops all of the time. The Cleveland cop Michael Brelo has been not sent to jail after he was charged with manslaughter. Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams were killed on November 29, 2012. Officers fired more than 130 rounds into their car. Brelo fired 49 shots and he jumped on the hood of the car and shot the unarmed occupants directly through the windshield 15 times. Brelo was one out of over 100 cops who participated in the high speed chase in Cleveland before the 2 people in the car died. The agreement between the DOJ and the Cleveland Police Department want to hire more minority officers and form the Community Police Commission to give the appearance of oversight. Far from being an aberration, Cleveland is one of at least 19 cities where the Justice Department has since 2000 found a “pattern or practice of excessive force.” Just over the past three years, Justice Department inquiries have reported systematic brutality and violations of democratic rights by police in Ferguson, Missouri; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle, Washington. The situation of police violence in America relates to racism and class oppression.

Charles C. Johnson represents the same group of racist white people who lecture black people on personal responsibility, but when they make a threatening, offensive remark against a black person like activist Deray McKesson, then people like Charles want to lie and say that his words were “taken out of context.” Racism is hypocrisy by its very nature. Johnson’s Twitter account being deleted is a product of his own actions. You reap what you sow. Charles has no one to blame but himself. Some racists are angry that the BLM movement is here to stay and that more black people will not beg for our freedom. We will fight for our freedom. It is a disgrace when richest 1% (who ally with the private central banks and the intelligence community. The establishment promotes petrodollars too) owns a massive amount of wealth in America alone. We will rise. In spite the anti-black slander and oppression, we will rise. Regardless of the nay-sayers and the reactionaries’ immature, false rhetoric, we will still rise and advance the Dream (which is about human justice for all). That is the goal that we seek. We seek to promote the interests of black people. We don’t want our goals as Brothers and Sisters to be ignored. We want black people of the globe to have freedom, and their human rights preserved forever. We are in solidarity with Brother Deray McKesson. We want our institutions to grow and black liberation to exist.

By Timothy

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