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Nxk-Guest • 6 hours ago Were at-least 1/3 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence aristocrat slave-owners IE: Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Ben Franklin, John Hancock, Pat Henry, etc... Yes or NO?! FYI Chattel Slavery in the US did not just 'phase itself out of its own accord'. It took a bitter Civil War that Killed more Americans than all other US Wars combined [so far]- to 'officially' end it- DUHH!!! And even then Blacks were back in quasi-slavery by 1876 w the rise of 'Jim Crow' and the KKK (started by ex-Confederate officers in 1867-68)- which lasted till at-least 1965. Now we're in the era of the 'New Jim Crow' / 'Prison Industrial Complex' (FYI: the 13h Amendment does NOT apply to prison convicts).


Nxk-Guest • 8 hours ago According to historian Gerald Horne, 1776 was effectively a slave-owners' 'revolt'- cause Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Patrick Henry, John Hancock, et-al... were 'concerned' that the British crown was on its way to abolishing slavery across the realm, and the British Crown certainly intended to restrict their American colonists from expanding & settling Indigenous Peoples' land beyond the Appalachians. Those slave-owning 'manifest-destiny' 'founding-fathers' were none-too-pleased about the prospects of the abolition of slavery (= the very back-bone of their wealth) as well as expanding in search of their 'manifest-destiny' up-to at-least the Miss River- and beyond. Thus they pulled their slave-owners 'revolt' of 1776. The '2nd Amendment privilege' helped facilitate the 3 things outlined in the above comment: Arming Citizens' militias in case of war to avoid the cost and risks of maintaining a permanent standing army; slave-patrols to enforce the US' fugitive slave law; and forcing Native peoples from their lands which were then seized by US 'settlers' seeking 'manifest-destiny'. No amount of 'clever' pontificating on your part will change those basic facts.


Nxk-Guest • 7 hours ago So is it mini-nukes or nuclear-reactor type pile, you're talking about? FYI: Nuke warheads release huge amounts of energy instantly which then rapidly dissipates, while nuclear reactor cores / piles generate a lot of heat over long periods of time ala Chernobyl & Fukushima. The high temps forming molten steel at WTC's ground zero lasted for several weeks / a couple of months, which seems more in line w a nuclear reactor pile than a mini-nuke warhead. Yet dumping huge amounts of water on a reactor core / pile in out-of-control melt-down, would vent large amounts of radioactive steam and leave large pools of highly radioactive water- ala Fukushima. ____________

Nxk-Guest • 3 days ago IMO there’s more to this Ebola out-break than the lame-stream cover story- especially re: bat-soup. The claim is that W.Africans' consumption of ‘Bat-Soup’ is the source of this Ebola out-break .Yet not solong ago they claimed apes / monkeys were the source of Ebola- ala the 1995 film ‘Out-break’ [likely the first time most folks even heard of Ebola]- Yet now they claim its source is fruit bats. Having lived nearly 9yrs in Liberia & another 1.5 months in Ivory Coast, I’ve neither heard NOR seen Africans there eating bats. RE: the Govt of Guinea issuing a ban on ‘Bat-soup- It must be noted that the out-break there began w a 2yr old who likely was bitten or scratched by a bat. Plus Guinea is 85% Muslim, & IMO bats don’t fit the normal & approved Islamic dietary standards. Plus FYI: bats are small dark-colored flying nocturnal creatures w very keen hearing & sense of smell. Thus they’d be quite difficult to hunt- especially at night deep into thick forests. This Bat-Soup Theory for Ebola is based on a 2009 study in BANGLADESH where [just] 4% of fruit bats are said to have anti-bodies for Ebola [NOT Live virulently infectious Ebola]. Yet Bangladesh is NO-Where near even E.Africa, let alone W.Africa! Thus IMO the Bat-Soup hype as being the source of this Ebola out-break in W.Africa, sounds a bit like a cynically slanderous cover-story! FYI: Independent Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport says that in Liberia only 31% of the alleged Ebola cases, have actually been tested for Ebola [which even the tests can be unreliable]- Thus 65% – 70% of patients are said to have Ebola just based on ‘quick-glance’ assessments. Rappoport says that this Ebola hype lays-out a perfect cover story where certain areas can be ‘locked-down’ for land & resource grabs- exemplified by Obama’s response to the crisis is to send 3000 US troops to Liberia.

People in these W.African countries already had over-taxed &/or weakened immune systems [IMO strengthening the immune system is the best way to ward off plagues- NOT vaccines] due to malnutrition & contaminated food & water. Also note-worthy is this Yahoo News article on adverse reactions to Merck’s Gardasil vaccine in Columbia S.America [@ ]. FYI vaccines are often preserved w toxic mercury & spiked w aluminum. It must also be noted that one of the US’ foremost experts re: Ebola & producing vaccines from GMO altered fruits, Dr Charles Arntzen of AZ St U Biotech Dept, was recorded in 2012 joking about slashing the global population by at-least 25% [African's & 3rd World people are always the main targets] by using a Genetically Engineered [Ebola?] / Altered Virus [see @ & ].Of-course Arntzen is linked to Big Pharma vaccine companies [IE: Z-MAPP] & also to the US Bio-Weapons prog [at Fort Detrick MD where that Anthrax came from]… PS: It must be noted that the 1995 film ‘Out-break’ [which again is likely the first time most ever even heard of Ebola]- talked about the US Military’s Bio-Weapons Prog covertly developing a strain of Ebola as a deadly / effective bio-weapon.


Nxk-Guest • 3 days ago Note what legendary Black Radio personality Bob Law, in a recent interview w Davey D, says about what happened to Black radio from the time of its key role re the Black Freedom struggle [hi-lighted by a 1967 speech by MLK on the subject]; to a critique of how the nature of Black Radio was changing for the worse by Min Farrakhan in 1979; to now in the modern era it’s descended into hyping Gangsta-Rap [@ -&- ]. One of Bro Law’s key points was- How the 1972 movie ‘Superfly’ along w other Blax-ploitation films [& TV shows IE: 'Barretta'] were cynically used to steer Black youth away from looking up to folks like Malcolm, Martin, the BPP, etc – to hyping Drug-Dealing Pimps ['sporting' pressed hair, hi-heel shoes, 'purses' in outlandish outfits] as ‘hip & cool’ & the really ‘down’ brothers. Tricky Dick’s & Ronnie Ray-guns phony ‘War on Drugs’ specifically targeted Black & Brown communities- which led to the explosion of Mass Black incarceration & the ‘New Jim Crow’. Yet the CIA has been implicated in having ties to international drug dealers, from SE.Asian heroin [1960s & 70s], to the Contras [ala crack cocaine in the 1980s], to the current Afghan Heroin explosion since the US invasion in 2001 [not including the CIA link to LSD via MK-ULTRA]. And USB bank has recently been caught red-handed laundering BILLION$ in drug $$$!!! Needless to say, ‘thanks’ to Obama-Holder’s DoJ, NO USB bankster went to jail NOR did USB even have to admit guilt!

Further emphasizing this point re: their phony ‘War on Drugs’ as just a cynical ploy to open yet another front on their on-going ‘War on Black People’ which further destroyed us as a people: In the US Blacks are 10Xs more likely to get locked-up for drug offenses than whites even though over-all whites abuse drugs more often. The only drug Blacks abuse more than whites is crack- yet NOT nearly as much as most assume [5% of Blacks have used crack vs 3.5% of whites - so there should be 3.5Xs more whites, in total, jailed for crack than Blacks- cause the white population is 5Xs more than Blacks]. Heroin use rates for whites = that for Blacks, but for all other drugs, both legal & illegal [IE: Pot / Reefer {madness}, Coke, Meth, Booze, etc]- whites abuse more, often by large margins. It’s telling that this huge disparity in Blacks being jailed for drugs vs whites holds true even in states where Blacks are just barely 1% of the population IE: HI, ND & SD, UT, VT, etc where the disparity is between 6Xs – 10Xs greater for Blacks vs whites [in IL it's 23.6Xs greater]. Thus the 1960s & 70s so-called drug ‘counter-culture’ was actually a nefarious ploy to divert our people [& others including some whites] from pursuing revolution into a drug-fueled ‘dead-end’. Thus it was NOT a so-called [drug-fueled] ‘counter-culture’, but rather a counter-revolution!


Nxk-Guest • 7 days ago Dark Clouds of Doom Hovered Over JFK thru-out Nov 1963 – A Sequence of Ominous Events: Nov 2, 1963- Chicago: According to the first Black Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden [personally recruited by JFK] there was at-least 1 [possibly 2] plot(s) to kill JFK on a planned visit to Chicago to attend a Football Game at Soldiers Field [just southeast of Downtown Chicago on the lake-front] as Mayor Richard [‘the Boss’] Daley’s VIP Guest of Honor. According to Bolden the potential assassins were effectively tipped off by FBI ‘meddling’ & thus evaded capture. In any event JFK’s trip to Chicago was cancelled. IMO this hit was called off cause Chicago was simply the wrong place. Why? 1} Because Bolden had been reassigned there & the coup plotters knew he’d zealously do what he could to protect JFK -&- 2} Chicago was JFK’s fellow Irish Catholic politician ‘Boss' Daley Sr's [& Cardinal Cody’s] turf, & a JFK hit there would NOT sit too well w him / them. 'Boss' Daley [& Cody] could have caused major problems for the coup plotters- so they had to find 'friendlier' turf [IE: Dallas on LBJ’s turf & its mayor was Gen Cabell’s brother]. Also note that Nov 2, 1963 was the very same day that Vietnamese Pres Diem & his brother were assassinated. Was it initially the coup plotters’ plan that JFK would never live to hear that news, or at-least he’d never live long enough to do anything about it?? > Nov 9, 1963- Miami: A KKK affiliated guy named Joe Milteer was recorded telling Miami police informant William Somersett that plans were in the works to kill JFK w a hi-powered rifle from an office bldg. Milteer then said a patsy would be found shortly afterwards to take the fall. As significant as this info is, it’s even more so considering that- Milteer, like E.Howard Hunt [or their ‘twins’] would actually be photographed in Dealey Plaza on Nov 22, 1963! With Milteer standing in the crowd watching as JFK’s limo passed by- riding to his DEATH!!!. > Nov 16 – 18, 1963- Miami: Miami Cops get a death threat against JFK just 2 days before a visit there- resulting in extra security measures for JFK’s visit to Miami on Nov 18, which included helicoptering JFK to & fro his venue from ‘Air Force-1’, to minimize his travel via motorcade. What’s also significant RE Nov 18, 1963 is- It’s approx this same date that the parade route for JFK’s motorcade thru Dealey Plaza was changed from a straight thru route at 40 – 45 mph [making it ludicrous to even try to claim JFK could have been shot from that 6th floor window], to a route that took him right pass the Book Depository & Grassy Knoll, requiring that his [open top] limo slow down to about 10 mph to negotiate that sharp 120* turn right beneath the Book Depository! > Nov 22, 1963- Dallas: JFK’s assassinated in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza at 12:30pm CST.

JFK’s officially pronounced dead at Parkland Hospital at 1pm CST. Several of Parkland’s doctors report that there was a small entry wound to JFK’s throat & a large exit wound to the right-side BACK of his head- thru which nearly the entire right hemisphere of JFK’s brain was blown out of. Lee Harvey Oswald an employee at Dealey Plaza’s Book Depository is charged w JFK’s assassination, but denies it exclaiming ‘I’m Just a PATSY’! At least 2 [or more] of Oswald’s fellow employees’ & a Dallas PD cop’s testimonies indicate that Oswald was most likely on the 2nd floor lunch-room area [having lunch & drinking a coke] at the time JFK was shot. > Nov 24, 1963- Dallas: Accused JFK assassin LH.Oswald is shot to death by mafia linked [going back to Al Capone’s gang in Chicago, where JR grew-up] Jack Ruby [aka Jacob Rubenstein] while in police custody in the basement of Dallas Police HQ, w some +70 Dallas cops watching. ‘Ironically’ Oswald’s also taken to Parkland Hospital where he, like JFK 2 days before, is officially pronounced dead by some of the very same doctors who had also futilely tried to save JFK’s life. Ruby’s the owner of a night-club frequented by many Dallas cops, so he’s well known by the Dallas PD.

There’s much speculation as to whether Oswald knew Ruby. Yet in some news video footage, just before Ruby shoots him at point-blank range- Oswald, while under Dallas PD escort, glances straight at Jack Ruby [& only Ruby] in the crowd, & then looks straight ahead again & just keeps walking, just as Ruby then lunges forth to gun Oswald down. ‘Curiously’ the rifle that authorities claim Oswald allegedly used to kill JFK, was ordered from a Chicago mail-order warehouse near where Jack Ruby grew-up. (NOTE: The so-called ‘Oswald Rifle’ came from Klein’s Sporting Goods, whose business office address was 222 W Washington St & warehouse address was 4540 W Madison St in Chicago. FYI: Jack Ruby [aka Jacob Rubenstein] grew up around 12th & Halsted St in the Maxwell St area of Chicago. 222 W Washington is only about 2 miles from 12th & Halsted. [‘Oswald must of got very, very lucky,.. {cause} It was a piece of JUNK.’ – Klein’s gunsmith who mounted the scope on the so-called ‘Oswald Rifle’] ) PS-RE: Castro's alleged link to the JFK hit. IMO that's just BS 'limited hang-out' mis-info / mis-direction. People should Google-up Castro's Sat, Nov 23, 1963 speech- where he specifically talked about the meaning & implications of the JFK hit the previous day. Castro makes it clear that Oswald had been specifically 'sheep-dipped' to potentially implicate him, & to a lesser degree the Russians, for JFK's murder [effectively secondary back-up patsies outside of Oswald himself]. Also note that in Castro's speech he quotes initial main-stream news-reports on Fri Nov 22 & Sat Nov 23, 1963- that say the rifle found on the 6th floor so-called 'assassin's nest', was a German made hi-power hi-precision Mauser sniper's rifle- NOT that cheap & unreliable mail-order circa WWI Italian made Mannlicher-Carcano w a misaligned scope.

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