Friday, October 03, 2014

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There are great people talking about the issue foods and health. Yes, we know how the big food companies have promoted poisons all of the time in communities, especially in the poor & black communities. We need more organic foods and other healthy foods not more JUNK FOOD. The ancients knew that that the more we follow natural foods and respect Nature, the better our minds, our bodies, and our souls will be. The corruption found in numerous pharmaceutical companies is evil and tragic (For example, Pfizer had to settle after they have experienced accusations of illegally marketing drugs. GSK has faced scandal after scandal). We need more health conscious living advanced in our communities. Once we do these actions in a higher level, Brothers and Sisters will not only live longer, but feel better about themselves. The militarization of our neighborhoods has been documented by activists and revolutionaries for decades. Ferguson opened many people's eyes on this issue. Standing up for black people in a righteous way is holy and honorable. Many human beings are right that we need to get the facts and advance rational solutions for our people. It is important for us to appreciate life. Life is a journey and we should always have human development and realize that we are not liberated yet. When one Brother or one Sister is oppressed, then we are not totally free yet. Unjust hate is wrong. That type of hate can harm the soul not only the body. Those who do evil or are involved in hating our people will never prosper in the long term. That is precisely why righteousness, love of blackness, and fighting for human justice are always great actions to follow. Some people have biases that they haven't eliminated. Others have a cognitive dissonance in that they subconsciously know the truth, but refuse to express it overtly for the sake of adhering to their preconceived notions. Others are scared of something (or the truth basically) that challenges their deeply held convictions. As for us, we will never base our lives on fear. We will base our lives on real convictions, the strength of our ancestors, and the love that we have for our people (and for humanity in general).

The father of Michael Brown is a strong, brave man. His hurt is real. I express my condolences to him and to the rest of his family. Witness after witness point to how Michael Brown was killed with his hands up. The disrespect of black human life has been going on for a long time. It is truly a shame that sick people want to disrespect a grieving father and even call him every name under the sun (not only in the Net, but in the streets too). This shows that some people have no class whatsoever. While others want to blame Michael Brown for everything under the sun (which is ludicrous), we should address the issues relevant in our communities like police brutality, civil liberties, the War on Drugs, the prison industrial complex, how to further reduce crime, and ways to advance more Black Unity. We should always use the memory of Michael Brown to not only be better people, but to confront and fight back against the institutions of oppression. Some people are trying to equate Michael Brown with some of the worst CRIMINALS in history. The truth is no human is perfect, but Michael Brown never deserved to be murdered at all. There are massive double standards in this situation. Society collectively places less empathy, less respect, and a lesser establishment of real, progressive dialogues on black victims of murder than white victims of murder collectively. That is just a fact. That is also why our missing has readily received less coverage. Some folks take a higher emphasis on judging Michael Brown than investigating the actions, the intent, and the history of Darren Wilson. To some, all POLICE are gods. The reality doesn't make that so. It is sad that a young Brother never had the chance to achieve his full life's potential. Many of our leaders came from certain circumstances, but they reached into higher heights not by victim bashing, but by courage, strength, insightful thinking, self-determination, and fighting injustice. Not to mention that the youth need more mentors, more assistance, more investment, and more concern (the youth need to be listened to and talked to as human beings. They should never be treated as not worthy of dignity). It will take a village to help. There can be no solution unless we address socioeconomic issues, combat misogyny, and confront the status quo.

There is the arrogance of some who try to be condescending. We know how some will use name calling, yelling, screaming, etc. The ignorant arrogance of some is truly typical of people who need to grow up. In life, there is an important, vital point. That point is that some people will grow and others will not wake up. It is not courageous to go with the crowd and demonize a person in a vicious fashion. It takes true courage for a human being to speak truth to power irrespective of popularity. In many cases, those who are condescending can be refuted with wit, examples, and just straight forward truths (as you have done. You're Blessed). During times of controversy, true character will shine through. It is certainly wrong for some to deny the interconnected value that we share as a community. Selfish individualism has not worked and we need to follow the development of our community as the ancients did in the Motherland. Evil people just have a problem with understanding the complexities of life. Some want to blame one youth for his own death instead of the officer who caused his death in the first place. Many of the real haters embrace the Horatio Alger myth. Another great point that some have made is that we have to understand each other. Real understanding can translate into better human co-existence. Truth is superior to the bigot's hatred. People have the right to be registered to vote. Voting is a human right. The surge in the registration of voters in Ferguson is a great thing. There is nothing wrong with that. Yet, voting is not enough. We need more social and political strategies that can counteract POLICE occupation, imperialism, police brutality, excessive militarization, and other injustices. We know how the police authorities collaborate with the intelligence community as a means to try to dominate the masses. Therefore, we should never ally with the interests of the 1 percent. We need more self-determination and political plus economic power (which deals with collective bargaining and other workers’ rights in opposition to the corporate, oligarchical domination of society. Also, it deals with building up more of our own institutions to not only help the community, but to establish further bonds with our Brothers and our Sisters internationally. We are an international people) to address our legitimate grievances as a people. Only revolutionary change can truly change the world.

There are more developments in the Middle East. U.S. Marines are in Kuwait. Turkey is joining the U.S. coalition. There are now 2,300 Marines in the Middle East as a quick reaction force. Marine Commandant Gen. James Amos, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, said that about half of the force, to be based in Kuwait, was in place, and the rest were on the way. Most of the troops come from Marine Corps bases in southern California; according to reports in the local press there. These forces are part of about 15,000 troops in Kuwait. There is an entire armored brigade as well. It has only flat desert terrain separating it from the war zone in eastern Syria and Western Iraq. There are another 1,000 Marines from the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit being stationed on board of Navy warships in the Persian Gulf. The deployment of the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF), as the new unit is called, was decided on before the current air war launched against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), officials said. The decision came as part of a review of the security of U.S. installations all over the Middle East and North Africa (as a product of the September 11, 2012 attack on U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya. U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed). The Pentagon crated its first MAGTF, headquartered at MorĂ³n, Spain, with some assets forward-deployed to Sigonella, Sicily, which is closer to Libya, Egypt and other points in the eastern Mediterranean. This force comprises 1,200 troops available for action anywhere in North Africa. The second MAGTF is headquartered in Kuwait. Its forces have been spread out into many areas of the Middle East. “The 2,100 troops will be stationed throughout the theater with the headquarters element in Kuwait,” Marine Corps Col. Kenneth DeTreux told Stars and Stripes, the semi-official military newspaper. These Marine forces can do many actions like interventions, rescue missions, etc. The Marines have attack jet fighters, transport planes, and V-22 Osprey vertical takeoff and landing planes, which enable them to move within hours to a targeted area. ISIS is fighting near the Syrian/Turkey border. The Obama administration wants Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad gone. Syria is allied with Iran and Russia. The latest recruit to the US-led “coalition,” the Turkish government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was even more explicit about this goal, as the Turkish parliament voted Thursday for a measure to allow Turkish troops to enter Iraq and Syria and to permit foreign troops to use Turkish territory. The new law would allow Turkish troops to create a buffer zone inside Syria to prevent refugees from crossing the border. It would also allow the US to use its airbase at Incirlik, near the Syria-Turkish border, to launch airstrikes against targets in both Syria and Iraq. Erdogan is against the Assad regime. Fighting has occurred in Kobani between ISIS and Kurdish forces. Al-Nusra Front and Syrian rebel groups have committed terrorism in Syria as well.

The 2014 film “Noah” is very controversial. It is both historically and biblical inaccurate. Also, scholars have found other messages in the film which promotes nefarious political agendas as well. The movie presents the message of the establishment. That message is that humanity is a cancer and most humans must be cleansed or killed to make the world better. The Georgia Guidestones monuments promote a world population of only 500 million human beings. That can never happen unless billions of people die. The movie calls God, “the Creator.” The actors and actresses wear modern day clothing. The movie Noah has symbols, plots, images, etc. that have nothing to do with the biblical story as well. The movie portrays Noah as a narcissistic, murderous dictator who wants to fulfill his mission at all costs (even using immoral actions to do so). The truth is that human life is not some cancer. Humans like animals have value. The film shows only a small group of people surviving the Flood as a means to continue with their select bloodline. Noah in the film stabs a man in the leg for hunting an animal when carnivorous animals eat other animals all of the time. That is part of Nature. The movie distorts the story of the giants. The Bible calls the giants Nephilim and the giants’ corruption have to do with God sending down the flood. Also, the giants are rock monsters in the movie when the Bible says that the Giants are just humans with a lot of geo-political power. The movie presents the giants as almost like the “good guys.” Tubal-Cain is involved in metal working and he is portrayed as a sympathetic figure in the film. Freemasonry has tons of literature praising Tubal-Cain (or from the family of Cain). Noah allows an innocent young girl to die by being trampled by people. Tubal-Cain in the movie is seen as the counter voice to Noah. There is the Gnostic archetype in the movie too. Noah in the film kills many people and was about to stab his own granddaughter in the face. The film shows Ham killing Tubal-Cain (which is not found in the Bible). Ham by the end of the movie goes his own way. The movie outlines greatly extra biblical content. It also gives the false message is that sense humanity is collectively evil, then humanity deserves to be slaughtered even when Genesis says that God will never flood the Earth again. Ironically, it is the global elite that have been heavily responsible for war, environmental degradation, and economic exploitation for a long time. Humanity shouldn’t be slaughtered. Humans have the right to work with Nature positively and work to solve problems constructively.

By Timothy

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