Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Very Great Point

hernandayoleary2 4 hours ago:

The real question I wonder is why people in the so called liberty movement who are quick to denounce the tsa for "intrusive" searches are all more than happy to justify the stop and frisk type policies or shooting of unarmed minorities by government officials. I find it strange the same site that defends armed militia groups who often have criminal histories like ruby ridge and david koresh and those likes are quick to defend police officers who shoot people who aren't white. It makes one think that the liberty movement is a white man's war. I struggle to see any other explanation for why so many white people in the freedom movement are pro government -shooting of unarmed black children but so anti-government in every other area. Leads one to believe there is a racial agenda going on here. Then there whole talk of closing the border, when far more people are dying from unvaccinated people in texas spreading the flu nation wide than ebola makes one wonder. No American has died from Ebola this year yet thousands have died from the flu. Should we shut the border with europe?

The freedom movement has become a white man's racist crusade, one that i do not intend to participate in because of its overt and subvert racist attitudes that I do not intend to stay quiet on. Strangely, where was all these white people against big government when the us government passed the homestead act, gi bill, va bill, new deal, FHA LOANS and hand out billions to rural farmers in Iowa and all. The tea party is an inherently racist movement aimed at stopping non-whites from accessing any federal funding to get similar bailouts as the white banksters got. The tea party was formed to stop the common man from getting a bailout like the banks received. And we all know this because a large portion of the subprime borrowers were non-whites. Now many poor whites have lost their house too due to racism whites "trying to stop big government".

Strangely those same white people will noot give back the house, farm or land they got from homestead act or new deal or va or gi bill or other big government bills.

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