Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday News in late October 2014

There is the battle going on between ISIS and Western forces in Iraq and Syria. The battle in Kobani is continuing too. There are brave Syrian Kurds and brave women of the city of Kobani who are fighting the ISIS/ISIL/Daesh network. The women warriors are fighting the treacherous agendas of the West, Turkey, and others too. The region where forces are fighting is called Rojava or the three mostly Kurdish provinces of northern Syria. The jailed activist named Kenan Kirkaya said that Rojava is the home of a revolutionary model that no less challenges the hegemony of “the capitalist nation-state system” way beyond its regional “meaning for Kurds or for Syrians, or Kurdistan.” Kobani is an agricultural location. It is part of a nonviolent experiment of democracy. Once, Damascus allowed Rojava to act on its own. Rojava is a place where decision making is made via popular assemblies. It is multicultural and multireligious. The top three officers in each municipality are a Kurd, an Arabic person, and an Assyrian or Armenian Christian (and at least one of these three must be a woman). Non-Kurd minorities have their own institutions and speak their own languages. There are numerous women and youth councils. There is a famous feminist army called the YJA Star militia or the Union of Free Women (the star represents the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar). It is like the forces of Ishtar fighting against the forces of ISIS. ISIS wants a reactionary, intolerant caliphate in the region. Now in the 21st century, it is the female barricades of Kobani fighting fascism. This is similar to the International Brigades fighting fascism in Spain back in 1936. We know that many of the intolerant Wahhabis and Takfiris are aided by powerful Gulf petrodollar backers. The fight in Rojava is led by the PYD or the Syrian branch of the Turkish PKK (these are the Marxist guerillas at war against Ankara since the 1970s). Washington, Brussels and NATO – under relentless Turkish pressure – have always officially ranked both PYD and PKK as “terrorists.” PKK leader Abdulla Ocalan has written a book called, “Democratic Confederalism.” The PKK and the PYD want libertarian municipalism. That means that they want self-governing communities applying direct democracy like pillars councils, popular assemblies, cooperatives managed by workers, and defended by popular militias. This is similar to libertarian socialism. Rojava has promoted a worldwide cooperative economics/democracy movement. This is not exactly like a nation-state. We see that the PKK and the PYD managed to rescue tens of thousands of Yazidis corralled by ISIS forces in Mount Sinjar not by American bombs. And now, as PYD co-president Asya Abdullah details, what’s needed is a “corridor” to break the encirclement of Kobani by Caliph Ibrahim’s goons. The Turkish leaders want Assad to go and won’t intervene militarily unless Washington shows a post-Assad plan. Erdogan wants to allow Iraqi Kurd peshmergas to enter northern Syria as a way to counter balance the PYD-PKK militias (to not strength the anti-Turkish Kurdish axis). ISIS wants more recruits to come into Syria from Turkey. Kobani is being used in the game of the West and ISIS. There must be direct democracy in Kobani and Rojava.

A report from Amnesty International has accurately shown that the Ferguson police crackdown has violated U.S. and international laws. The report is entitled, “The streets of America: Human rights abuses in Ferguson.” The report shown evidence after evidence about the systematic acts of police violence against peaceful protesters and the arrests of media and international observers. There has been the suppression of rights in Ferguson, which are protected by the U.S. Constitution, international law, and international human rights agreements. The report comes as cops now are stocking up on riot gear as reported by the Associated Press. They are preparing for renewed protests next month in the event that a grand jury fails to indict Darren Wilson. Wilson is the Ferguson police officer who shot and killed the unarmed teenager Michael Brown on August 9. “What Amnesty International witnessed in Missouri on the ground this summer underscored that human rights abuses do not just happen across borders and oceans,” said Steven W. Hawkins, executive director of Amnesty International USA. Hawkins added, “Standing on W. Florissant Avenue with my colleagues, I saw a police force, armed to the teeth, with military-grade weapons. I saw a crowd that included the elderly and young children fighting the effects of tear gas.” Police confronted protesters while “armed with semi-automatic weapons and leashed police dogs,” the report notes. “Officers moved among the protesters using armored vehicles which are more commonly seen in a conflict zone rather than the streets of a suburban town in the United States.” It adds, “Some of the officers had… no names, badges, other identifying information visible.” The report concludes, “In all, more than 170 individuals were arrested during the first 12 days of protests since Michael Brown’s death.” More than three quarters of arrests were for the ad-hoc charge of “failure to disperse.” The report documents the attack on free speech and the media. “Legal and human rights observers as well as members of the media have repeatedly been obstructed” by police, it notes. “From August 13 through October 2, at least 19 journalists and members of the media were arrested by law enforcement, with others subjected to tear gas and the use of rubber bullets… Reporters for CNN, Al Jazeera America and other outlets report being harassed or physically threatened.” When Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol, who headed the police response in the area, was asked at a press conference why members of the press were being targeted for arrest, he replied, “It is difficult to tell who is media and who is disguising themselves as such.”

The report documents a shocking event. That event was when Ryan Devereaux of the Intercept and Lukas Hersmeier of the German Bild-Zeitung were shot with rubber bullets and arrested while fleeing from a barrage of tear gas. The report recounts, “After coming out [from] behind cover with their hands in the air, shouting, ‘Press!’ and ‘Journalists’ and ‘We’re media!’ [an] officer allowed them to pass. However, as Devereaux and Hermsmeier CONTINUED walking with their hands in the air, shouting ‘Press!’ the same officer shot rubber bullets at them, hitting both journalists in the back. Out of fear, they dove behind a car. The officers approached with guns pointed and arrested them.” Even Amnesty International observers were threatened by the police while they were seeking to leave a protest scene after determining that they were in danger from tear gas and rubber bullets. One officer was in front of the delegation and pointed his weapon at the delegated. The officer shouted, “get on the ground!” A staff member at the front of the delegation knelt on the ground and told the officer that, “We are human rights observers.” In another incident, “Amnesty International witnessed an officer with the St. Ann Police Department in Missouri point his AR-15 semi-automatic rifle at a group of journalists and threaten to kill them.” As Amnesty International has mentioned in their report, the practice of pointing of firearms at peaceful protesters violates U.S. law and international conventions. “Under the UN’s Basic Principles for the Use of Force and Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials," the report states, "law enforcement officials shall not use firearms against persons except in self-defense or defense of others against the imminent threat of death or serious injury.” In addition, “An officer pointing a gun at close range at an unarmed individual who is not presenting a threat would also be excessive use of force under US law.” The report says that the police sought to collectively punish local residents and peaceful protesters. The imposition of a curfew limited the human rights of the peaceful protesters and the general public of Ferguson. That is why a federal judge earlier this month ended the five second rule (which limits the freedom of peaceful assembly) as illegal and unconstitutional. That is why we must continue to condemn nationwide militarization of the police, the police killings, and the endless wars plus international provocations which violate human rights.

Symbolism and the entertainment industry go hand in hand. There is the one eye sign that is common for artists to use in the entertainment industry. It is found in fashion as well as the music industry. The fashion industry (in the mainstream level) is ruled by the same oligarchs. There is the October issue of the Interview magazine. It show the controversial photo-shoot called “Pretty Washed.” It showed models lying in filth and completely passed out drunk or worse. We know the message. One model is pictured with her eyes half opened as if she was dead. The photo-shoot is very disturbing. Wasted is a slang term for someone who is drunk, unconscious, or dead. The models appear soulless, drugged, incapacitated, helpless, etc. The images show beer cans and other things. We should reject the debasement of human life and we should reject evil mind control too. The message is how the fashion world (and the entertainment world in general) uses models and others to glamorize dehumanization, self-destruction, and death. The truth is the humanity has beauty and the human spirit should be aligned with the will of the Creator (not aligned with human degradation). There is the October issue of Vogue Italia. It shows a photo-shoot where models are shown again as lifeless, soulless mannequins, etc. Each shot looks similar to images akin to MKULTRA, MK slaves, etc. There are fake heads on the grounds (relating to alter personas). The photo-shoot is named “In a Silent Way.” Dismembered mannequins exist. The images are sophisticated, so the people who created the photo-shoot know about art, abstract images, and things of that nature. The cover of Cheryl Cole’s new album “Only Human” shows one strip that is a feline print crosses her right eye. A young person named Charli XCX is on the cover of the Billboard magazine with the one eye salute. One rose in next to her right eye. Many celebrities like Chloe Jasmine either cover their eyes (like Gwen Stefani in her comeback album) or use the OK sign next to their eyes in pictures, photo shoots, etc. The logo of Kesha’s jewelry collection called “Evil Eye” was released months ago. It shows occult symbolism like sacred geometry with the eye on the center of it. Kesha now claims that she is an industry pawn who got abused and manipulated. It is no secret that many in the music industry were exploited and abused by the industry executives, etc. Rita Ora was spotted with Mickey Mouse ears hate and her shirt says “Enfant riches deprimes” which means “Depressed rich kids” in French. That describes many in the industry. As we can see, the industry uses programming, deception, dehumanization, lies, deception, and aid from the military industrial complex as a means for them to fund their agenda. Elders and our ancestors told us the truth about these matters. It is our jobs to constructively and positively help people, fight evil, and to stand up for justice in the world.

It is just great to learn about strong, Black Women in history. One strong black woman was Amanishakheto. She was a Candace of Nubia or she was the Warrior Queen of Nubia. Not many people know about this Sister. Sister Amanishaketo (according to the book “Nubian Pharaohs and Meroitic King”) came after Queen Amanireans. Her pyramid or tomb was leveled to the ground by the Italian treasure hunter named Guiseppe Ferlini in 1832. She led her people with a strong arm and built pyramids in Meroe (this was a major city of Nubia). Her daughter was Amanitore. She was became the Queen of Nubia. Candace Amanishaketo reign from ca. 10 B.C. to 1 A.D. according to many sources. She was extremely wealthy and powerful. She built many pyramids and temples at Wad Ban Naqa where she was buried with great treasures. Around this era of history, the Nubians (headed by the Queen Candace) defeated Roman forces, who were led by Roman emperor Augustus. A peace treaty was signed too after the Nubia defeated the Roman invaders. Her palace is one of the largest treasures. It was 61 m long and covered an area of 3,7000 m2. Its ground floor had over 60 rooms. Her grave had golden artifacts like armlets, necklaces, rings, 67 signet rings, two armbands, and many other loose amulets plus necklaces (which were created by Nubian artists from her Kingdom). Some of her treasures (which were stolen by Ferlini) are found now at the Egyptian Museum of Berlin and at the Egyptian Museum of Munich.. She was a strong Sister. Her tomb in Meroe was one of the largest ever built. She is often depicted on pyramid murals as a massive, powerful woman, covered with jewels, elaborate fringed, tasseled robes, and carrying weapons in one hand, preparing to lead her army against others. At the end of the day, Sisters should be respected and protected by the black community. When our Sisters are being killed unjustly by the police, we should never forget that. We should always stand with black women. Also, fathers and mothers should be respected. We know that in this society, black fathers have been slandered and disrespected. Yet, we know the truth that black fathers are not only taking care of their children, but working honestly in improving the surroundings of their own communities. So, we should take the time to show respect to any black father and any black mother doing what is right and standing up for their families indeed.

 By Timothy

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