Saturday, October 18, 2014

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The bigots and the extremists don't care at all. Just because we are close to 2015 doesn't mean that we are totally free from oppression. They or the extremists just want to spread fear mongering. They also seem to scapegoat the black victims of ebola too (in cruel terms, which is sick and wrong). Black people are human beings and ebola is an illness that should be treated in a rational, cogent fashion. There is no post-racial America. The Newsweek magazine cover with those images and words show what their agenda is and it certainly is not a pro-black agenda or a pro-Africa agenda either. Albow is a total disgrace. Africa is our ancestral homeland as black people and we will always have a great deal of love for Africa. Some good news is the Senegal is making great progress in handling ebola. Yes, many non-Africans have been infected too. Many human beings are right to expose how neo-colonialism and corporate exploitation are unjustified actions. That is why real revolutionaries in Africa want workers in Africa to have economic justice (where they are treated fair and Western corporations will not economically exploit the region for their own personal benefit). We see the situation with blood diamonds and how African children have been mistreated by corporate elites. That is a disgraceful situation. More black people of the Diaspora have to know about the information that honorable individuals are displaying in the globe, because we can never be free unless all of us of black African descent are free. Some good news is that more African American Brothers and Sisters are learning about Fanon, about Nkrumah, about Steve Biko, about Lillian Ngoyi, and about other African revolutionary leaders who stood up for wisdom and truth. We live in a highly globalized world society, therefore non-Africans has been infected as well. We all hope that any victim of ebola receive compassion and real assistance. Pollution inequality is ever real. Many poor communities have witness toxic waste dumping and other tragedies. Activists (like Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, who is a great person with excellent research. Dr. Robert D. Bullard has shown great information on this topic too) have exposed environmental racism for years and decades. I won't call a study created by experts borderline "junk science" per se. It is true that correlation doesn't necessarily prove causation. Yet, that doesn't mean that economic and racial factors have no relationship with many problems which exist in America. The truth is that poorer communities and communities of color in many instances are exploited economically by many corporations. We have to address income inequality and pollution if we want to witness a better society.

The midterm elections are coming up in America. This election represents the divisions in American society over political issues. The Obama administration has been around for six years. There are millions of dollars are being poured into the campaigns of the two big business, capitalist parties. Total spending will make 2014 the most expensive non-Presidential election year in U.S. year. Some predict that voter turnout will be in new lows, even for American elections, which routinely attract less than 50 percent of the electorate. There is disillusionment among some in the American political system. The total political system has shifted further to the right. Both parties since 2008 have used policies that used policies that have harmed the poor and working class. The Obama administration came after the extended deteriorated in social conditions, the trauma of the extremely unpopular Iraq War and the shock of the economic crisis of 2008. George W. Bush was the most reviled President in our generation. The Obama administration spoke of hope and change. We see that the current administration continuing many of the same policies of the Bush administration like the historic transfer of wealth to the rich, escalating military violence abroad, and attacks on democratic rights in America. We see the growth of neoliberalism. There are things that I agree with the administration on like the money sent to black farmers who were the victims of racism and discrimination. So, President Barack Obama should not be blamed for everything under the sun. Also, the Republicans and the Tea Party are extremists. They have expressed slander against the President beyond just legitimate critique. So, we see that we need a social revolution in America. There should be an independent mobilization of the working class in America and internationally to take political power. In that way, new forms of democratic control of the economy and a restructuring of society on the basis of equality and social need not private profit can develop. This doesn’t mean that we should not vote. People fought, shed blood, and even died for that right. So, we should vote and defend the right to vote, because voter suppression laws and policies are abundant in America. That is why the Moral Monday Movement and other activists are working day and day out in protesting the evil, corrupt voter ID laws, which studies prove can decrease the number of minority, elderly, low income, and student voters. These studies are real. We should never give up. We should continue on the work since we have work to do. We will continue to fight for justice.

Rush gets paid money to spew ignorance. He is a notorious racist liar. He doesn't care about his audience or about the truth. He certainly cares about the green. Rush Limbaugh has said racist and misogynistic comments for years and decades. He called one woman a slur on air without any apology for it. He downplayed the atrocities of Abu Ghraib. He said that Clyburn was like Driving Miss Nancy. He compared the NFL to the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. He mocked the speech of a Chinese leader by using racist words that I can’t repeat here. All of these syllables are documented. Therefore, some want to change the subject by talking about other people who have nothing to do with Rush at all. The tactics of the bigots and the extremists will never work. We, as black people, are not going to submit to reactionary lies and propaganda. We are supporting protesters in Ferguson advocating cameras on cops, advocating revolutionary changes in the justice system, and advocating an end to police brutality. We know about our black heritage and we are not ashamed of our black identity at all. We will continue to oppose and expose white racism and we will continue to grow. Black people then and now have been geniuses, great athletes, great scholars, great scientists, and other excellent contributors to world society (whether the haters like it or not). I will always defend the strength of my black people whether the bigots like it or not. No one can never stop the vitality or the strength of black people standing up for wisdom and truth. Back then, our heroes from Sojourner Truth to Ella Baker opposed the reactionary agenda. Today, many Brothers and Sisters now are helping their communities, are helping the sick, are helping the elderly, and are doing many more transformative actions in making a true difference. So, some can keep on believing in the lies of Rush. I will continue to reject Rush Limbaugh’s racist, xenophobic, and misogynistic rhetoric. Black people have every right to have not only self-determination, but to be free. We are entitled to freedom and justice. Nothing will stop us. Our adversaries won’t stop us and black people will win in the end. That’s a promise.

We know more about the truth about what is going on in Ukraine. There is the looting of Ukraine and the energy war. We know what a true people’s revolution is. What happened in Ukraine was an orchestrated coup. The people in Ukraine did not have a choice in democratically determining their leader whether they were pro-Western or pro-Russian. The government in Ukraine now is a pro-Western state. NATO is building military bases on Ukraine’s border with Russia. The IMF does have an austerity program, which is nothing more than a cover for Western financial interests to loot the nation. NATO is responsible for the destruction of Libya and NATO backed racist terrorists who killed black Libyan men, women, and children. NATO is a terrorist group. Biden’s son Hunter is on the board of Ukraine’s energy company called “Burisma Holding.” Evon Archer, a wealthy investor and Democratic campaign fundraiser with long ties to US Secretary of State John Kerry, upon joining the board of directors rejoiced that Burisma Holdings reminded him of “Exxon in its early days.” The company’s portfolio of licenses is well-diversified across all three of Ukraine’s key hydrocarbon basins – Dnieper-Donets, Carpathian and Azov-Kuban, and its fields are fully connected to the major gas pipelines in the country. So, we see that the West has geopolitical interests in Ukraine. When Crimea’s used its God given right to have a referendum and declared its independence, it surprised people. It was a huge blow for companies like Chevron, Shell, ExxonMobil, Repsol, and Petrochina. These companies invested money in developing Crimean offshore assets like LNG (or Liquified Natural Gas) reserves in Crimea. The sanctions against Russia deal with companies dealing with energy production like billionaire Gennady Timchenko, who is a friend of Putin). This is not about being pro-Putin as Putin is not perfect either. It is about being anti-imperialism. Both sides are using this conflict as a means to advance their own geopolitical and economic interests. Each side wants energy dominance in Europe. Each side wants power, but the democratic rights of the Ukrainian people must be protected. Many Kiev troops want to go into Donbass to protect fracking equipment, but fracking can cause huge ecological damage. This civil war has caused over 4,000 civilians to die, left more than one million Ukrainian displaced, and we have a humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. We know that Chevron and Shell have been caught in doing human rights violations in Nigeria. The big banks and big corporations want fracking in Ukraine when fracking can harm the water, air, soil, human health, livestock, and wildlife. So, gas and oil do relate to the energy war among many factions.

The “Kill the Messenger” movie discusses about an inconvenient truth for many. The film is about the reporting of the brave Gary Webb. Gary Webb found out that the Contras were smuggling cocaine in America with the assistance of the CIA. Gary Webb was the journalist of San Joe Mercury. He covered this information in his groundbreaking three part series entitled, “Dark Alliance.” The series discovered a networked that helped the CIA-backed Nicaraguan Contra forces with profits form the cocaine trade in California. The Nicaraguan supplier was a man named Norwin Meneses, who associated with top level Contra leader Adolfo Calero. Meneses’ agent or Danilo Blandon distributed cocaine in Los Angeles to the former high school tennis player named Ricky Ross. The Blandon/Meneses version of cocaine was high grade, but cheap. This is what made Ross a millionaire. He was nicknamed “Freeway Rick,” because he made so much money selling drugs that he purchased properties along the Harbor Freeway including motels and theaters. Webb said that the CIA knew about it and turned a blind eye, because the CIA wanted to overthrow the leftist Sandinista government of Nicaragua. Also, the CIA has been involved in election rigging, assassinations, coups against even democratically elected government, spying, and other evils for years and decades. The CIA allowed its clients and associates to import large amounts of cocaine into California including throughout the rest of America. In fact, under oath, Blandon testified that Contra military leader Enrique Bermudez used precisely that phrase, “the ends justify the means.” Webb’s series ran from August 18-20, 1996. It was spread in the Internet, cable TV, and talk radio. The Internet was just in its formative stages. The Mercury News made a website that linked to scores of documents and hundreds of pages of supplemental materials. The corporate media back then wanted to ruin his reputation in an inappropriate fashion. The Contra-cocaine link was shown back in 1985. Robert Perry and Brian Barger reported on it in the Associated Press. During the Iran/Contra hearings in 1987, a protester disrupted the testimony by ex-White House aide Oliver North by yelling, “ask about the cocaine,” but no one did (at least not in open session). Even John Kerry investigated the situation and found that many Contras were involved in drug trafficking and the U.S. intelligence community have knowledge of this for years. Ronald Reagan was a hypocrite by saying Just Say No, but he aided the drug smuggling Contras. If the mainstream media reported on this story strongly back then, lives could have been saved, communities could have grown, families could be strengthened, and society can improve. The mainstream media have links to the CIA, so it is normal to see how they have slandered Gary Webb for years. Other voices have told the same thing that Gary Webb has said. For example, former DEA agent Celerino Castillo, former CIA agent Bradley Ayers and former Los Angeles police officer Mike Ruppert all began to speak out about CIA-sanctioned drug running. Even investigations by of the Contra cocaine scandal by the government (by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Bromwich and CIA Inspector General Frederick Hitz) confirmed Webb’s words. The CIA allowed the drug trafficking by the Contras to take place. After Webb’s death, Sen. John Kerry wrote the Sacramento News and Review that “Because of Webb’s work the CIA launched an Inspector General investigation that named dozens of troubling connections to drug runners. That wouldn’t have happened if Gary Webb hadn’t been willing to stand up and risk it all.” (LA Weekly, May 30, 2013). Webb suffered a great deal and died. He was only 49 years old. So, we remember Gary Webb and we ought to be inspired even more to combat government corruption and any injustice in the world.

By Timothy

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