Thursday, October 23, 2014


I am glad that Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed was released from jail. I wish the best for the Sister. Many people are legitimately standing up for the cause of revolutionary changes in the system. The status quo doesn't work. That's obvious. That is why it is great for human beings to advocate the placement of cameras on all police officers, to fight poverty, to fight police brutality, and to make revolutionary changes in communities NATIONWIDE. Black people have every right to expose injustice and to not submit to supremacist thinking. Also, being objective is fine. Yet, being objective is not about denial. You can’t be objective and deny racism, misogyny, and other forms of bigotries in society. That is not being objective. That is being purely wrong. Scholars like exposed the system of white supremacy for years and decades like Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Malcolm X, even Tim Wise, etc. I trust their research a great deal. It is true that white intellectual and physical superiority are pernicious myths. Yet, there are inequalities in society that must be addressed. We must address economic inequality and racial injustice if we wish to see justice flourish in society. It is not about establishing some excuse to fail in life. It is about coming up with a strategy and a plan to confront imperfections that still exist in the globe. It is as simple as that. I wish the best for the movement. We have to deal with IMPROVING the community and we also have to confront poverty, unjust laws, police brutality, and other evils in the world. We must end poverty by stopping the exploiting the poor and allow public resources to empower them. I respect equal pay, and I agree with a living wage for humanity. There is nothing wrong with peaceful protesting and confronting evil at all. People should continue to fight for real social change.

The Russian tennis chief is racist and a sexist. The Russian is being punished for his reckless, stupid statements. For a long time, the beauty, the intelligence, and the dignity of black women have been slandered by ignorant people who have no clue about black people or the resiliency of the black experience in general. Serena Williams responded to the ignorant comments made by that male with eloquence, power, inspiration, and clarity. Serena Williams is a great athlete and I wish more blessings for her and for her family. The beauty of the black African phenotype is undeniable. Dark skinned black women and all black women in general should always be respected as human beings. There are many black men who respect black women. There are many black women who respect black men too. We will always condemn racism, colorism, sexism, and any invalid, retrograde ideology completely. At the end of the day, many people are jealous of Serena and Venus Williams’ beauty, success, talent, and love that they have for their family. As a Brother and as a conscious human being, I wish the Williams Sisters (who are two beautiful and strong Black Women) the best. It is as simple as that. Serena Williams’ new commercial with the headphones is very inspiring too. There is nothing wrong with our natural hair as black people at all. There is nothing wrong with our BEAUTIFUL SKIN at all. We are all black and beautiful. Black women do workout. When I have gone to the gym, I see black women working out all of the time straight up. I know plenty of black female co-workers who work out too. Therefore, the myth that black women don’t work out ought to be repudiated and dismissed as a misogynistic, racist lie. Also, exercise should be used to build people up and not as a way to demonize a person because of their weight or physical appearance. At the end of the day, we all share one planet, we all care for our families, and we are all mortal. We are interdependent with each other as human beings and we should continue on that journey to improve our own lives. I wish the absolute best for CEO of Black Women do Workout Sister Crystal Adell. The video made the excellent point that the First Lady Michelle Obama exercising has inspired people, especially black women. Exercise can save lives literally. The First Lady is right to advocate HEALTHY EATING in society. Even cardio can improve brain power (as in intellectual power, memory, cognition, and problem solving), enhance your mood, and decrease the chances of people having heart disease considerately.

An ebola czar being established was inevitable, because the CDC & others has made huge errors. The government had to create new initiatives as a means for them to try to get a handle on the ebola situation. Ebola is a harsh illness. I am glad over the good news happening in Senegal and Nigeria. At the end of the day, the development of hospitals, other infrastructure, medicine, and other components of society are necessary to combat ebola effectively. We all hope for the recovery of any victim of ebola. Philosophically, I don’t agree with an outright travel ban, because of many reasons (because people can lie, people can go to other nations, it can economically cripple West African nations, etc.). Yet, I know where people, who agree with it ideologically, are coming from. There has to be more investment in medical research and infrastructure to handle ebola. There should be an international collaboration among many nations to address this issue, because ebola is an international crisis. Ebola doesn’t just deal with one nation. Also, we should have an expansion of the assistance to people in West Africa. Also, there should be more coordination with aviation agencies worldwide in dealing with the situation. Ben Carson is right that ebola should be crushed in Africa. I don’t agree with him on other issues, but he is very intelligent in terms of many medical issues. It is important to note that Cuba has sent a lot of doctors and equipment to assist West Africans. This is very good, because West Africans definitely need assistance internationally as a means for them to combat ebola. We should use qualified, dedicated medical professionals to talk about ebola and give real information about it. We should never exploit the illness as a means to violate human rights or expand the militarism of the war on terrorism at all. There should be no wall of secrecy. Honesty and transparency must exist when dealing with this situation. A neoliberal global economy has caused many problems including the expansion of ebola. Massive cuts to the NIH and public health services have caused problems in the world.

The Pumpkin fest rioting is an example of people who acted in destructive behavior. There are double standards here. The mainstream media typically view this incident as an example of over exuberant folks doing the wrong thing and not representative of all white people. Yet, some in the media view the mistakes made by some black people as representative of a majority of black people (which is a total slanderous lie) or use more negative commentaries to describe it. So, we know about the double standard. Rioting in a pumpkin festival is an example of ignorance, foolishness, and disgraceful conduct on the part of the people who acted violently and immorally for no reason at all. The people, who did the wrong acts in this incident (like some throwing bottles that hurt people), are thugs. Like many black victims of murder, many like reactionaries want to slander Michael Brown reputation. Many of them want to equate him with murderers, rapists, and other sick criminals. The truth is that Michael Brown was neither a thug nor a criminal kingpin. He was a young person who was killed by one police officer. The corporate media, including the so-called liberal New York Times, have cast aspersions on Brown’s character. Michael Brown was a fleeing, unarmed young black man who was killed. There have been no judgments of Wilson’s musical tastes, activities, or character by some. Every witness to the shooting has been consistent. These people are diverse in many ways. They all say that Brown and Wilson had a physical altercation through the patrol car window. There all say that a shot or shots were fired inside the car. They say that Brown fled while Wilson continued to shoot at him. They all say that Brown turned towards Wilson while he was already wounded and Wilson continued to shoot him as he fell. Many witnesses say that he held his hands up. One bullet struck Brown in the top of his skulls and another in one of his eyes. We know that civil rights violations made by police and vigilantes exist all over America. It is obvious that Michael Brown ran away and he was murdered.

This is an excellent interview and one of the greatest interviews on the Real News website. It shows that Marshall Conway displaying his excellent insights on the realities that we face today. He is right that it is not enough to eliminate legalized apartheid in America. There must be economic justice and the addressing of racist redlining, police brutality, and other evils in the ghettos of America. The BPP developed in 1966 in response to the horrendous conditions of urban communities (especially in the North, Midwest, and the West Coast). The Black Panthers did an excellent job in helping children (via their free breakfast program), advancing HEALTH CARE SERVICES, and using other community enrichment programs. We certainly have a long way to go in seeing not only the epidemic of police brutality fully eliminated, but we continue to face massive poverty including economic inequality. We have to condemn both domestic repression of the rights of citizens and the imperialism overseas. Yet, we can’t lose hope. We have to continue to be involved in our communities and stand up for the principles that our heroes lived and died for. The Brothers and the Sisters of the Black Panther Party inspire me every day for me to do what is right.

By Timothy

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