Wednesday, October 29, 2014

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PBS’ Finding your roots is a great show. More and more African Americans are doing DNA TESTS and researching records as a means for them to find their ancestry in a comprehensive way. We, as black people, have a strong and rich cultural legacy. I will always love Africa a great deal as my ancestral homeland. Henry Louis Gates is doing great work in this interesting project. Also, I love his DVD series Black in Latin America. I have the DVD and it is totally excellent. Valerie Jarrett finding a lot of important information about her relatives is great. Learning real history can be an exciting journey. This is a great story with a great message. Sister Janaye Ingram is right that cyberbullying is not only immoral, but it ought to be repudiated and eliminated. This fight will not be easy, but it is a just fight to pursue. Especially, with the recent events in the world, we should always reject pettiness, vile insults, and disrespecting people in an unfair, wicked fashion (in the streets and online). It is bad enough that grown adults have been victims of cyber bullying, but children including teenagers unfortunately have suffered cyber bullying as well. We can’t be silent on this issue. It is fine to have passionate debate. It is fine to agree to disagree with people on issues. It is fine to show humor and hyperbole at times. Yet, cyberbullying has nothing to do with those things. It has to do with the unfair disrespect and the nefarious harassment of another human being in an unjust fashion. There is a lot of hate, selfishness, and immaturity in society. Also, many people are compassionate, strong, thoughtful, and clear headed. Doing the right thing is just the right thing to do simply.

People have the right to vote who they want to. Black people have the right to be Republicans, Democrats, or Independents. I am an Independent politically. So for me, I can’t be a Republican for many reasons. Many Republicans refuse to advocate an increase of the minimum wage. Some reject equal pay or maternity leave. Some of them refuse to eliminate all corporate welfare and all unfair tax loopholes that the 1 percent exploits. I believe in universal health care and some GOP members refuse to support civil liberties in a serious fashion. That means that stop and frisk should end, that the Patriot Act should end, and illegally monitoring of activists should end too. I believe in the expansion of education, but some vouchers violate the separation of church and state. Education can be improved with adequate funding, smaller class sizes, better teacher training, curriculum improvements, and a rejection of an obsession with standardized testing (as teaching experts have talked about). The Harlem Children Zone has been successful. In the final analysis, both the public and the private sector must be part of the solution not just the private sector. There should be no massive bailouts of Wall Street banks and a rejection of regressive taxes. There should be taxes on Wall Street financial transactions. The War on Drugs must end and the criminal justice system must have radical changes. We should reject militarism and imperialism. We have to address poverty by investments, ending discrimination, redistributing economic plus political power, and giving the poor economic freedoms not austerity. We all send more blessings to Gwen Carr. She is a strong person and the memory of Eric Garner will never be forgotten. These allegations will never stop the movement in general. At this point, no one should defend what has happen to Eric Garner at all. Some people want to accuse the relatives of Eric Garners of things as a means to distract people on the injustice of Eric Garner’s murder by wicked cops. RIP Eric Garner.

Learning about Africa is very creative and informative. Wisdom is so important It is very important for more of our people to use social media, etc. as a means to get the truth out. We will always have a great love for Africa and the love of blackness are great actions for people to pursue. Africa is a wonderful continent. We love Africa with a great love INDEED. We have the right to refute and dispel the myths that white racists have of Africa. The truth is that Africa has tons of modern amenities, great transportation services, down to Earth human beings, and beautiful fauna plus flora. In fact, in our time, more African Americans are dating including marrying Africans including vice versa. We know how the racists ignore how other peoples wear certain rings on their bodies, but they want to demonize black people unfairly for their cultural diversity. A lot of black people are studying ancient Egypt and we know that black Africans lived in ancient Egypt before. Black people lives across the continent thousands of years ago to build great civilizations from Nubia to Songhai. Some want to encourage black people from the States to go into Africa. I have no problems with this at all. Although, I have no issue with black people fighting for justice in America either. The Knowledge of self and the fight for justice are great concepts for us to embrace in our hearts. That is why they fear Black unity, because true black unity is not only morally right. It just feels good. It feels good to do what is right and to love our heritage. No woman is more beautiful inside and out than a black woman. That’s real talk. That is why we should always condemn bleaching creams and any type of tactic that disrespects our natural blackness. There can be no ignoring of Arabic imperialism too, which hasn’t been shown a lot in some circles. We do know that the Arabic leads of many countries collaborate with the West forming token Sunni hegemonies and exploit the resources of the world too. For example, Saudi Arabia (which is a mostly Sunni nation with anti-democratic laws) is an ally of the West. The system of white supremacy promotes the lie that God is white when we see images of black representation of religious images even found in Europe. Black people are the first humans on Earth. When I was younger, I read the literature from Cheikh Anta Diop, John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Runoko Rashidi, and others. There is nothing with Black Power either. Black power deals with self-determination and the development of economic and political power among the black community. Certainly, we need strength and we should always love our black African identity. At the end of the day, we need to keep our eyes on the prize. That means that we should build in our communities, fight for truth, defend our Brothers and our Sisters, and love Africa. The Creator created humans in his image, so obviously God is not white. Blackness is of God. It is ironic that many whites want to use tans to look like us when a strong black man and a strong black woman would never want to look like them. We should respect our heroes, but not only that. We should CONTINUE what our heroes did. Our heroes include people like Lumumba, Fred Hampton, Sojourner Truth, and other human beings who sacrificed their lives for the people. They loved our people. Lumumba and Fannie Lou Hamer are some of my personal heroes.

Bullying is not only evil and cruel. It has no justification at any circumstance. The young child (and his brother) who were bullied and assaulted should receive comfort, justice, and true respect. Xenophobia, like always, is evil. Many people are exploiting the ebola crisis as a means to express prejudice and to disrespect children of black African descent. That is just plain wrong. We are one people regardless if we live in Africa, Europe, South America, or America. Africans, African Americans, Afro-Brazilians, etc. are entitled to dignity and respect just like any other human being. These children have every right to be in school, to play, and to have fun without unjust ASSAULT or bullying. I am glad that the family of the children are sticking by their children and giving them strong support. This is what a family does. This story should allow all of us to be subsequently reminded thoroughly that hurting children has no place in the world at all. As the relatives of the children have said, the school administrators have to handle their business. Regardless of our views on ebola, we have to treat our neighbors as ourselves. It is just that simple. On many occasions, bullies have profound social insecurities, because a strong minded, progressive person would never bully or ASSAULT an innocent person at all. Others have made a great point about the bullies' parents, because many bullies act on the unjust actions of their parents. That cycle must end. Parents (of children who have been bullied) have every human right to protect their children. Parents can show up at schools to protect their children and talk to the parents of bullies as a means to gain an understanding that such actions will never be tolerated at all. The situation is totally ridiculous and evil. Good is always superior to evil. The xenophobia in America should stop. At the end of the day, we are all Brothers and Sisters.

I read the article (from Huffington Post on slavery) quickly and it showed great, accurate information. The article refutes the historical revisionist notion (as advanced by many reactionaries) that American slavery has no direct or indirect impact on American society today or the South seceding had nothing to do with slavery at all. The truth is that American slavery was not only evil, CRIMINAL, and unjust. It grew capitalism in America including places worldwide. That is why populists and others like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his 1967 Three Evils Speech (in Chicago) have said that capitalism in America was built on the backs of black slaves. Capitalism and Slavery is a book written by Eric Williams talking about this very issue. The economy of slavery was intertwined not only with the South, but with the North as well. There were many bigoted Northerners back then too who wanted slavery for racist and economic reasons. In our generation, we have to tell children and the populace at large the truth. We have to understand that the legacy of slavery still impacts society today and that we have to fight any injustice. Many human beings are right to stand for truth. The Consortium news website has other great information on this issue too. Racists like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison (who was afraid that black slaves would be free), etc. believed in states’ rights, limited government, etc. not as a means to advance real moral values. They did so as a means to violate the human rights of black people in America and maintain the system of oppression over everyone else. Confederates later on believed in that same states’ rights mantra as they fought in the Civil War. The Confederates are treasonous terrorists, but their images are shown throughout the nation (not only in the South). Statues of these traitors are all over Virginia, Georgia, Mississippi, etc. Reconstruction was a period of the expansion of the federal government. During that period, black people had some expanded rights. Some black men were granted the right to vote. Black folks started to own more property. Yet, white racists used their own white backlash in the form of the Klan (including other groups plus unjust laws like the Black Codes and Jim Crow) to harm black people. The treasonous Compromise of 1877 permitted Jim Crow to grow and fester for almost a century afterwards. Reconstruction was a failed opportunity to make democracy real. Reconstruction also showed the courage and strength of black political people, who stood up against racism. The Tea Party came in reaction to governmental policies, but some of the Tea Partiers have express racism not only against the President, but against black people in general. These issues are related, because the same forces of white supremacy did not die when the Confederacy ended. These same Confederate forces oppose the Civil Rights Act and the black liberation movement in general during the 1960’s.These forces remain today and we will CONTINUE to oppose these evil forces. Good will triumph against evil in the end. Brothers and Sisters are still fighting for justice.

By Timothy

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