Thursday, October 02, 2014

Hong Kong, Etc.

There are many protesters in Hong Kong. Many of them are fighting against the evil of neoliberalism. The protesters want free elections in 2017. The event is more than between an authoritarian state and citizens wanting to be free. Many human beings in Hong Kong want social justice and democracy. Many Hong Kong residents are angry at how Beijing is having interference in domestic affairs whether immigration from China, encroachments on the freedom of the press, and the nationalistic-propagandistic “moral and national education” program. We see that people in Hong Kong still suffer massive poverty. Inequality in Hong Kong has risen to levels among the highest in the world. According to the City University of Hong Kong professor has said, one in five people of Hong Kong live below the poverty line. Wages have not increased in line with inflation, which means that they have falling in real terms. The minimum wage, only introduced in 2010, is set at HK$28 (US$3.60) an hour – less than half of that even in the United States. There are no collective bargaining RIGHTS , no unemployment benefits and no pension. The average workweek is 49 hours – in case you thought 40 was rough. Housing prices are among the highest in the world. Even the neoliberal Economist placed Hong Kong top of its crony capitalism index by some distance. So, the people of Hong Kong have every right to voice their views and oppose neoliberalism. We know that the oligarchy found in HSBC and oligarch Li Ka-shing don’t want economic justice in Hong Kong. HSBC is one of the world’s largest accounting firms. Thousands of protesters are in central Hong Kong. The protesters want the resignation of Chief Executive Leung Chung-ying. The Chinese National People’s Congress said that the 2017 election would be restricted to candidates vetted by a nomination committee stacked with pro-Beijing appointees. We should be careful. This movement should be independent and not be part of an U.S. engineered color revolution in Hong Kong. People need freedom not neo-colonialism from the West. The good news is that these protests are not similar to the color Revolutions of Europe. The protests should disagree with the police state methods of the Chinese regime and oppose any intervention by imperialism too. So, this movement must be independent and pro-poor and pro-working class. The people of Hong Kong have the right to have real democracy and not to be ruled by any colonial rulers.

Many high school students in Colorado have every right to protest the “patriotism” indoctrination AP U.S. course in Jefferson County high school. Hundreds of students walked out of their class to protest members of the Jefferson County school board wanting to change the county’s U.S. history curriculum. Reports from local media confirmed that hundreds of students from Dakota Ridge, Chatfield, Arvada West, Pomona, Ralston Valley, Evergreen, Wheat Ridge, and Golden high schools participated in the walkouts and demonstrations which included the blocking of a main intersection in suburban Denver on Wednesday morning. The proposal was submitted by a three member majority of the school board calling itself the “Board Committee for Curriculum Review.” The council wanted to indoctrinate students in loving the free enterprise system, withholding teaching about how America was created as a product of rebellion against the British Empire, and sugarcoating history in general. About 50 teachers walked out too. A statement issued Monday by Conifer High School teachers participating in the sick-out denounced "the Board's insistence on censoring THE COLLEGE preparatory AP US History curriculum," saying it would "require teachers to completely ignore certain aspects of American history." The statement further condemned the imposition of "an arbitrary, nontransparent evaluation system that vests absolute authority in administrators." Opponents of the revised history curriculum, described by Jefferson County school board member Julie Williams as unduly emphasizing "race, gender, class, ethnicity, grievance and American-bashing," have sought to alter local education statutes to favor a more "conservative" approach to US history. Texas has advance historically revisionist agendas too. The truth is that the American Revolution, the Civil War, and other events in America relate to civil disorder rebellion, etc. The civil rights movement was about people opposing the law since Jim Crow was legal in many areas of America. It is right to oppose and not follow unjust laws. During the Civil War, people fought against the Confederate oligarchy. This story is proof that pro-corporate education is a threat to children and adults alike. The labor movement involved strikes and people fighting unjust laws too.

What the Supreme Court did was a disgrace. To decrease early voting days is wrong, because less people will have an opportunity to vote. We know how the Supreme Court is made up of numerous reactionaries. That Court was responsible for many bad decisions. Voting is all about giving people the sufficient opportunity to cast ballots in deciding elections. This is why people are in the streets opposing voter suppression efforts. This is why people are speaking up against this situation. My convictions are strong on this issue and I will never waver in my views on this issue as well. We know that massive voting fraud in Ohio is a myth and how does shortening early voting days have to do with eliminating voter fraud? Nothing. This shouldn’t be a Republican or a Democratic issue. This is an American issue and an international issue, because voting is a human right. It is hypocritical for corporations to have personhood rights, while early voting is restricted in Ohio. People shed blood and died for voting rights and other democratic human rights. Therefore, we should always defend that right. It is important for us to appreciate life. Life is a journey and we should always have human development and realize that we are not liberated yet. When one Brother or one Sister is oppressed, then we are not totally free yet. Unjust hate is wrong. That type of hate can harm the soul not only the body. Those who do evil or are involved in hating our people will never PROSPER in the long term. That is precisely why righteousness, love of blackness, and fighting for human justice are always great actions to follow. This issue of criminal justice is one of the greatest issues of our community. We should demand any politician to tell us as a people their position on mandatory minimum sentences, on the prison industrial complex, and on criminal justice in general. I will never be a Tea Party Republican for a whole bunch of reasons, but I will maintain my political independence. We know that the Crime Bill had huge errors in it and we need revolutionary solutions to make sure that Brothers and Sisters are treated fairly in society.

She should resign. In this climate, there are extremists, racists, and disturbed people who have vicious hatred (beyond legitimate dissent) with the President. The actions of many Secret Service agents are unjustified and inexcusable. The President and his family should be protected in the most efficient way possible. The Secret Service have been involved in numerous scandals from one man with a gun being next to the President in an elevator to one man coming into White House grounds without permission (he sprinted into areas of the White House). So, there must be new, strong leadership at it relates to the Secret Service. The President is a man. He has the right to make sure that people are protecting his loved ones. Another video taking place in Florida should make anyone feel indignant anger at police brutality. A 62 year old black woman (or any innocent human being) never deserves that type of treatment at all. The Sister was tasered for no reason at all. The Sister was walking away. This barbaric action by the officer was reprehensible and sick. This is why people, who oppose police brutality, are not talking exaggerations when they describe injustices. This is real. If it can happen to the Sister, it can happen to anyone else. It is a disgrace and Viola Young has every right to sue and make people accountable. I wish the best for Viola Young. This issue of CRIMINAL justice is one of the greatest issues of our community. We should demand any politician to tell us as a people their position on mandatory minimum sentences, on the prison industrial complex, and on CRIMINAL justice in general. I will never be a Tea Party Republican for a whole bunch of reasons, but I will maintain my political independence. We know that the Crime Bill had huge errors in it and we need revolutionary solutions to make sure that Brothers and Sisters are treated fairly in society. It was inevitable for this to happen. Also, we have to invest more in public health. In that sense, the quality of life of people can IMPROVE and life expectancies can grow. We have to have a public commitment to address this issue. This is the first case of ebola of one person, who was diagnosed on U.S. soil. We should be careful, but not taken in by fear mongering. We have to take wise precautions in our own lives and be educated on ebola. We have to express further solidarity with our Brothers and our Sisters who are suffering ebola in Western Africa.

There is a political urging by the Millennial Generation of young adults to see real change in society. This generation is heavily multiracial and heavily progressive on many issues. The truth is that we must be real in our views. Many people who are Democrats are just as reactionary as the Republicans. That is why many Democrats are supporting the deportation of undocumented workers, the airstrikes in the Middle East, and other policies that doesn’t represent a liberal resurgence. It represents a more rightward trend. Many Democrats have a tendency to back down when push comes to shove. Bill De Blasio came into office in saying that he will fight back against economic inequality. He was brought back into the graces of Governor Andrew Cuomo when Cuomo supports hedge funders and investment bankers. Also, some Senate Democrats even support Israel’s recent war in Gaza and support an expanded military budget. This doesn’t means that the Republicans are saviors. We see that many of them are wrong on economic, foreign policy, and social issues too. Also, we should continue to oppose police brutality. For a long time, activists have documented how the police are the enforcers of the policies of the ruling class. For example, when people fought for labor rights, the ruling class used the police to harm labor activist protesters. When our Brothers and our Sisters stood up against apartheid and oppression in the South, racists used the police to harm men, women, and even children with WATER HOSES and vicious dogs. Our upward mobility was harmed when many of the middle class and the rich of our people (not all) refused to help the poor of our people, but left to embrace the agenda of the corporate oligarchy. Also, the racists are still on the attack regardless of our class. More unity mixed with more cohesive power equals into more benefits for us as a people.

By Timothy

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