Thursday, October 16, 2014

News about Ebola, Etc.

The ebola crisis is an international emergency. I have no problem with adequate screening procedures in America, yet we should be rational not xenophobic about it. It was the lack of concern for Africans (including the expression of xenophobia) in the first place that contributed to the spread of ebola in Western Africa. Now, more people are taking note, because Americans including other Westerners are unfortunately being infected by it. The ebola crisis proves that austerity is not only evil, but it doesn’t work to solve medical problems in the globe. Some nations are sending hundreds of doctors and tons of infrastructures in Western Africa (as strong public services are necessary to assist human beings) so that human lives can be saved. We know how imperialism and neo-colonialism has harmed many areas of the Motherland. That is why we must condemn imperialism, neo-colonialism, and any injustice in the globe. The Black Brothers and Sisters in Africa suffering need compassion, prayers, and assistance. Bless Africa like always. I wish for any victim of ebola to recover. This situation will take a myriad of actions not just a few. There are certainly a lot of questions that have to be answered about the infections in the States. I wish the best for the second health care worker who was infected with ebola. At the end of the day, people would respect common sense procedures to fight back against this deadly illness. Preparation, legitimate screening, the growth of adequate infrastructure, people being educated on the facts of ebola, etc. are real procedures to undertake. We have to realize that we are interdependent. We use many items from calculators to clothing that were originally developed in other nations. We certainly live in an international community indeed. Also, the 2nd health care worker is a Sister. Her name is Amber Joy Vinson. There is the issue of protocol. The situation is wild indeed. This is an international crisis and Africa must be helped including all of the victims too (who exist in multiple continents). Some want a national standard among all hospitals to deal with the ebola situation, so there can be less confusion on how to adequately handle the situation. The missionaries were cured, while others suffer. The government is using the plasma from one of the survivors to be placed into other victims, so their antibodies can fight ebola. The Texas hospital expressed a lack of commonsense on many issues. Me personally, I don’t blame the nurses. I do blame hospital officials lacking the following of protocols, cuts to the NIH budgets, cuts to the WHO funding, and other things. Ultimately, austerity has been refuted completely with this event. The CDC has been much disorganized and things ought to change. Also, Emory is a better hospital to deal with ebola than the Dallas hospital. Emory has more services and they are more seriously trained in that situation.

A lot of people are fighting for real freedom in Ferguson. For years, the militarization of the police has spread in America and more people want to demilitarize the police. For years, police repression and illegal warrantless spying has oppressed people. Today, people want a change. Therefore, the actions going on in Ferguson is indicative or the wider movement for real social change in the world. Imperialist aggression overseas and domestic repression at home is twin evils from the same root of oppression. This movement is about justice for Michael Brown. Also, it is about confronting the War on Drugs and the prison industrial complex, which has ruined tons of lives. We need more independent thinking people who won’t be swayed by the status quo or by the establishment. They need to CONTINUE onward in standing up for justice, organizing, and seeking solutions to important problems. There should be more establishments of independent organizations that are fighting for the interests of the masses of the people. We are all in solidarity with the peoples of St. Louis and Ferguson, Missouri. With events going on today, there is no excuse for anybody (especially someone who is an adult) to refuse to see the fact that racism and discrimination are serious issues in the world. Some whites know the truth, but intentionally use certain talking points (we know the talking points) as a means to minimize the concerns of black people and try to even blame black people totally for all of the oppression which black people suffer today. Many ignorant white people refuse to offer solutions to combat racism, police brutality, health problems, etc. In the final ANALYSIS, we, as black people, have work to do. It is not about placating or submitting to reactionary white people’s sensibilities. It is about our standing up for our interests as black people and advancing justice in the world. When we promote more unity and more solidarity, we do not hate anybody. We are respecting our inherit human dignity as Brothers and Sisters. It doesn’t matter if white racists hate us. It matters on what we are going to do to improve our families, our communities, and society in general. Many intelligent people have speculated on the same things that Chris Brown has speculated on. It is obvious that many people have done evil medical experiments, germ warfare, and other wicked actions for years and decades. Ebola is an illness that people should be knowledgeable about. Population control has been talked about by elites for years. I have their quotes. One thing is true too. People should fight ebola since this is a battle for the lives of humanity.

Massive boycotts have worked wonders throughout history as we both know. There should be more unity in our community irrespective of age or generation. Ageism and other evils ought to be condemned. I am also proud of the young men and young women who are speaking up and showing the world that their concerns matter. Their views matter. Their lives matter literally. The youth and the elders each offer tangible, transparent, and vitally important roles in the affairs of our community as black human beings. We certainly need to be organized in a higher level. We need our institutions strengthened to not only develop our economics, but to advance a cooperative, interdependent spirit as black people. The common spirit and the common wealth are important concepts to advance prodigiously. Our elders talk about the Knowledge of self. That concept crystallizes the words of others on this issue. People must know themselves and know what they are fighting against in order to truly fight evil in society. The game is filled with evil, nefarious deeds from the oligarchy, and profound deception. That is why the youth must know who the game is in order for them to achieve not only progress, but justice. Some of the youth don't know how things are or the complexities of history. Some do. Things have not changed to the extent as it should. Some are right on that point. Elders are great advisers. They can tell the youth about how the world is, so that they can get the opportunity to make their mark in the struggle via their own unique flavor so to speak. The youth, like the elders did back in the day, should sacrifice. There is no freedom without sacrifice, volunteering, mentoring, boycotting, organizing economic plus political power, and actively standing up against the forces of reaction. In any movement of social change, a diversity of actions were enacted. For example, during the old school civil rights movement of the 1950's and the 1960's, people boycotted, used civil disobedience, went into jail, formed groups, confronted oppression, and did other legitimate actions to combat evils in society. Cornell West went into jail as a means to protest the injustices found in the St. Louis, Ferguson location. It is wrong for cops to use tear gas on innocent people. It is wrong for journalists to be falsely ARRESTED. It is wrong for the local police to use a lack of transparency on many issues. These wrongs and others ought to be corrected.

Western society has not changed its ultimate wicked stripes, but it has used more sophisticated tactics as a means to present a false image that somehow society is post-racial (which is a lie as we all know). It is important to mention that tons of young people are fighting back for freedom now for real (not only in Ferguson, but throughout the world. There are Afro-Brazilians and black people in other nations doing the right thing). Their actions should be acknowledged and respected. So, regardless if we are young or old, we are one black people. It is obvious that we can never solve the problems in our communities without finding out the root of the problem. The root is racism/white supremacy. There is no justification for some black people to commit individual acts of evil, but black people are not the worst race in the world. Lil Bossie is wrong for saying that, which represents not only inaccuracies, but self-hatred. It is part of self-hatred when some black people have in demonizing their own people and degrading blackness. Blackness is beautiful. John Henrik Clarke, William W. Sales, Patricia Redi-Merri, and other Brothers and Sisters have documented the greatness and contributions of black people in science, technology, education, theology, art, history, construction, engineering, mathematics. not just music and athletics (I still love music and athletics though). The system created the problems originally and the effects deal with crime, poverty, imperialism, etc. Now, we should advance ethics and righteousness in our people (we should treat each other as Brothers and Sisters with respect, decency, and humanity). We should not be nihilists, but that is not enough. We have to also confront the system of oppression harming our people, which deal with playing chess not checkers. Also, people like John Gotti and Luciano are criminal mobsters who were involved in the murder of thousands of innocent human beings. They should not be glamorized by anyone. Raven Symone spoke many inaccuracies. She says that she doesn’t want to be labeled, but being an American is a label. She says that she is colorless, but anyone can see that she is a black woman. All human life has a relationship directly or indirectly to the African continent; therefore her heritage is part of Africa. I consider myself an African, who was born in America myself. We are the descendants of kidnapped black Africans who suffered widespread oppression for centuries by European vicious terrorists basically. So, Raven Symone is in error to assume that she can just minimize her overt black heritage and deemphasize the African heritage flowing in her veins. Also, having discussions on issues doesn’t mean that some is scared of someone of another background. Many Brothers and Sisters have been slandered as “race baiters” and anti-Semites when they just want justice for black people. The real race baiters are the ones who promote discrimination who have killed unarmed black people in the streets, and who have promoted negative plus false stereotypes about black males and black females. Black manhood and Black womanhood are important concepts to promote and respect.

Global capitalism has been exposed now like in no other time in history. We live in a heavily commercialized world where marketplace transactions are one of the most dominant forms of social interaction. Some people want material gain alone instead of loving each other. Social progress can never come when people have the love of money for the love of money is the root of wickedness. There can be no real change in society unless Love is strengthened in the world. There is nothing wrong with a person having love of God and love of human beings. We should never lust after wealth and be selfish. The Golden Rule is found in many religious teachings and it is a very true moral principle. We don’t need massive consumerism. We need justice. We see that capitalism heavily is antithetical to the Golden Rule. In other words, we prosper not by greed, but by righteousness. That is why we should focus on love, charity, sympathy, benevolence, and altruism. We see that capitalism promotes the maximum freedom for markets and merchants. It relentlessly transforms anything and everything into commodities to be bought and sold in the marketplace. In capitalism, the love of money becomes the foundation of society and from this roots, evils bear fruit.

By Timothy

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