Saturday, October 18, 2014

Savant's Words

Nonviolent demonstrators were attacked by police with mace and rubber bullets. Millions of people SAW this on TV. That there have also been riots--provoked by the same gestapo violence to which others have responded with nonviolent demonstrations--doesn't detract one iota of truth from what I posted. -Savant

Well you might be surprised. The professional middle strata is now about 20--25% of the Black population. For the longest time it rarely rose much above 5%, 10% at most. In the post-1960s the Black middle class have doubled or tripled. Of course, this was made possible by the Black Freedom Movement. Furthermore, a majority of Black COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY students are in attendance at majority white institutions. I earned by own doctoral degree from Vanderbilt University where the Black student population (overwhelmingly bourgeois themselves) never rose above about 2%. As for the claim that AA brothers always want white (or at least non-Black) women, that is a misperception so often repeated it that it does become tiresome. Let's consider the facts: About 90% of married AA men, and about 95% of married AA women are married to a Black spouse. To be sure, the largest concentration of IR AA people belong to the middle and upper classes of Black America. But even with the "black elite" a majority are still with Black women. While it is true that IR dating and marriage is more common than in the past, it is still a minority phenomenon. In short, the marriage choices of Denzel Washington and Barack Obama (and myself for that matter) is far more common the marriages of Tiger Woods and the character who married Kim Kardasian (I forget his name). Moreover, AA men marry out LESS than any other group besides whites themselves. But as I said before, I have myself dates sisters from Africa: Nigerians, Ghanaians, Ethiopians, Eritreans, and South African. You may have a point about education. I would probably have met few (or no) Africans, much less dated any, had I not gone to university. So, African women who are open to romance with an AA guy would find a good number who are university educated and professional. The real difficulty is the barrier of misunderstanding-- on BOTH sides--between African-Americans and Africans.


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