Thursday, October 23, 2014

Je pense que la tendance droitiste en Europe a existait devant militant Islam, et est contra les immigres du couleur (et quelquefois les immigres Europeen). Fundamentalism Islamique--un phenomenon tres laid--est plus the pretext than the real reason for the resurgence du droit politique. C'est resemble au le Stalinisme. A l'Amerique, le communism etait le pretext for McCarthyism, a handy pretext. No denying the ugliness of Stalinism, but there was little likelihood--virtually 0%--of a Stalinist or communist takeover of the USA. (Interestingly enough, there was less anti-Communist paranoia in France or Italy where Communists encompassed a four of the population than in the USA, where less than 1% were Communist). C'est similar avec militant Islam. An Islamic republic, an ISIS or Taliban regime, simply CAN'T HAPPEN in Europe. (A different matter for our beleaguered brethren in the Middle East. There, in many countries at least, a repressive Islamist state is VERY POSSIBLE). But the fear of militant Islam may be manipulated to legitimize the rolling back of democratic freedoms in Europe and America---the negation of democracy in the name of democracy! That's the great fear I have regarding America and Europe. Just as fascism in the Middle East may find expression in an Islamicist idiom, a l'Europe et l'Amerique it will find an idiom which will not seem frightening on the surface, that will sound as American as apple pie. No doubt, the same will happen in France in other European countries



 Why "versus" ? African-Americans vs Africans. Black British vs African Americans. Why must the relation or comparison between different groups of Black people be presented as antagonism or even competition? Is this what we've come to? Was it for this our forebears sacrifice their lives? -Savant ___________________

You seem to be referring in passing to what some call "colorism ", differences and sometimes tensions with the AA community based on differences in complexion. However there's no lack of communication along those lines comparable to the lack of communication that sometimes exist between Africans and African Americans. Partly, this is because there's no cultural differences between light and darker complexioned AA folk. An AA man (of whatever complextion) is more likely to date and marry an AA woman (of whatever complexion) than an African woman. In part, this is due simply to the fact that AA folk of all complexions live together in the same neighborhoods, go to the same schools and churches, and commonly belong to the same family. I am a dark skinned AA man (about Denzel Washington' complexion) and my sis is a light skinned woman (about the complexion of Halle Berry). Our dad (not deceased) was about the complexion of Wesley Snipes, and my mother about the complexion of Barack Obama.. They met and fell in love while still in the Jim Crow South. They simply didn't meet Africans or West Indians in the South in those days. But probably more AA folk (though not in huge numbers) do date and marry African men and women today than in my parents' time. We simply encounter Africans more often, at least those of us who either go to UNIVERSITY or are involved in cultural and political issues related to Africa. As I mentioned before I would probably not even meet many Africans had I not gone to the university, and then also involved myself as a student (in 1980s) with work in solidarity with liberation movements in South Africa. When Black churches, civic and academic and political associations mobilized behind the struggles in South Africa, many of us got to meet Africans who had to flee that fascist regime in Pretoria. And, as sometimes happens when people are thrown together, some of us developed more personal relations with African sisters and brothers.



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